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Turkey: Wish Granted!

Long time ago, in a faraway land, a not-so-young girl was in front of the television. She was watching a Philippine travel show featuring different countries each episode. This girl was a big fan of this show and would seldom miss their episodes. Devoting her time watching the show gave her an opportunity to “travel” to other places. Each time, she would marvel at the treasures scattered all over the world, and each time her imagination wanders… For one day each week this girl was transported to a different place…  

That particular night on TV was Turkey.

To be in awe as the host walked around the grounds of Mama Mary’s “house”… To see the world from the air through the paragliding host that she can almost imagine how it feels like to be a bird… To be moved by the infectious belly-dancing music and the colorful costumes and gyrating moves of the dancers that would make any woman envious… To wander, get lost and hunt for the perfect knick-knacks to bring home from one of the biggest bazaars in the world…

The girl was seeing and experiencing new things and sights for the first time. Turkey’s culture was rich yet unfamiliar, so different from hers. She could almost feel what the host must have felt when they were doing the show. When she was in the midst of it all. The little girl was so mesmerized by the beauty that she hoped the show would not end. She wanted more… None of the other show’s episodes had the same effect to her as this.

The little girl sighed “I wanna go there”. The sigh lingered in the air for a second.

Then it was gone…

Or so she thought…

Fast forward to 20 years or so later, the little girl grew up to be me…

I found myself working in a multi-cultural environment. Who would have thought that I would be working with 2 Turkish guys in my department?

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

One conversation a few months later was about travels and R&R’s. I was curious about their country and they showed me photos of their towns and shared some well-known places. There was one particular photo that captured my attention –  it was in the Meditteranean area in South Turkey. It was picturesque! Picture-perfect view with the blue waters in the background. (Re)discovering Turkey’s beauty once again, I became interested and found myself browsing the internet for more of Turkey.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Photo taken from the net, similar to the photo that captured my interest

My research about travelling to Turkey brought me back to that TV show 20 years ago. Yes! That was the place I said “I wanna go to”… I remember now, Turkey…

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Right there, I knew this was a sign. It was an old dream, a 20-year old “sigh”, that was manifesting itself in front of me, like a puppy waiting to be held by its master. It was my dream, and I had the chance to make it come true.


My Turkish officemates were shocked and excited for me when I “pronounced” that I’ll be spending my first vacation in their country. Shocked, because Turkey was not a popular R&R destination in our company. It was probably the first time they heard somebody visiting their country, a pronouncement from a WOMAN.

Goal established!

Then I had to find out how feasible it was for me to live the dream…

I checked for airfares. Rates were reasonable at $500 roundtrip from Dubai via Turkish Airlines. Another plus point, TA miles can be credited towards my Krisflyer miles. Two checks!! Most important thing I need to be able to go is a Turkish tourist visa. There is a Turkish Turkish Embassy in Kabul and the issue tourist visas. Check! Embassy requirements were reasonable and I can provide them easily. Check! And Super Like! It was just a matter of arranging a trip to the embassy. And that wasn’t a problem. I knew my boss would allow me to go and that security would not be “an issue”.

I knew this “sigh” was happening. I could feel it. I could taste it. I could see myself walking the ruins of Ephesus and shopping for Turkish lamps in the Grand Bazaar. 

Everything during the planning and preparations went smoothly. What could have kept me from going? Nothing!

Our convoy and Wasi, our PSD, in front of the Turkish Embassy

For a few years already, somebody has introduced me to the “The Secret” of attracting an abundant life, of making “thoughts” come true. And I can’t help but think if this was a perfect example, a valid testament. Was that serendipity? Who knew? Was that my power in making thoughts come true? I would like to think and believe so…

The Universe may have taken a long time to work on that dream, but The Universe did not fail me. He did not forget this wish, out of the many I wished. I was not conscious of the power of my thoughts that time but I may have done it “properly” that somebody heard my sigh.

I have been vision-boarding my travel wishlist ever since, and I noticed that they come true. It may not be in the sequence I placed them in my vision board, but they are being realized. Sometimes, a destination deleted from the “updated vision board” later resurfaces and I find myself going to that place. Vision-boarding is so cool!

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Our job is not to worry about the “How”. The “How” will show up out of the commitment and belief in the “what”.

In fact, I have to say The Universe did a great job on that assignment. Not only did I get to go to Turkey on a holiday, I got to spend my birthday in a country I couldn’t even locate in the map 20 years ago…

And if this was a bonus, I was able to go for a second time a year later 🙂 Read the story on Touristanbul: Rekindling My Love Affair with Turkey

The Grand Bazaar, taken during my 2009 trip

The so-called Mama Mary’s House in Ephesus

Hot-air ballooning over Capadoccia, instead

Over a belly dancing show, I opted for a more authentic Turkish experience, the Whirling Dervishes

2 thoughts on “Turkey: Wish Granted!

  1. Go, Giann! Capadoccia is a charming small town. Have lunch at Dibek, recommended by a traveller we met. Food was great! Plus, don't forget to book a fairy chimney room 😉


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