Birthday Travel Vision-board

If I have one vice, that would be food. But if I could have two, that would be food AND TRAVEL 🙂

I am a restless person. I find it difficult to stay still in my seat and be quiet. You can ask me to do one, I can do it. I can be still but not quiet. I can be quiet but I must move. Please, don’t ask me to do both. For me, there should be something going on, everytime. Not necessarily with me or by me, it could be in my surroundings.

That’s probably why I am fascinated (read:obsessed) with travelling. I am never still when I travel. Or if I do and just people-watch, a lot of things are happening all around me. Just that makes me happy already.

I like to travel. I like how the experience educates me and enriches my being. I like how tedious I prepare for a trip. I like it that despite of all the travels I had, I never learn to stuff my luggage “properly”. I can’t fold my clothes so that they look like they just came out from a cabinet. I find it  funny…

I like it that when I travel, I am usually at my best. I am courageous and open-minded to what I am about to experience. I am cautious of my surroundings lest I find myself in “ugly situations”. I am resourceful, I can fairly read maps accurately and to exaggerate a little, I do my best to make the impossible, possible. I am creative, I can “use Sahara desert” for “my comfort” if I have to. I am pleasant, I am careful not to offend anybody. I can wake up very early to catch sunrises and take photos. I can sleep late to accomplish all that I plan to see and do for the day. I do not “feel” tired, I cannot be tired. I can be patient, I can fall in a long line and not be irritated. I am those, and a lot more, generally 🙂

I’ve been to “forbidden” territories, explored new frontiers on my own, joined tour groups, gotten lost in unfamiliar places, talked to strangers, turned tour-mates into travel buddies, eaten local food, worn local costumes, caught into tourist traps, explored off the beaten paths, bathed in a birthday suit in an authentic Moroccan public hamam, victimized by tourist scams, slept in hotels, hostels, riads, tents, fairy chimneys, apartments and homes, rode camels, horses, donkeys, cars, trains, buses, planes, ferries, boats, canoes and balloons, drank local beer and wine, taken tons and tons of photos, and a lot more…

I’ve done a lot, I’ve seen a lot. But I know there’s a lot more to come…
Since it’s my birthday today, I thought of sharing with you my travel vision-board. They say that “documenting” your vision further strengthens and attracts your dreams. And I believe so…

So here’s my list as of the moment, in no particular order. I’ll be updating the list as each dream gets realized 🙂

Medium-Term Vision – which should be done within 5 years

1) Experience German Christmas markets and collect exclusive Christmas market mugs from each city Got Frankfurt, Nuremburg, Munich and Rothenburg mugs
2) Spend Christmas 2012 in Europe In Vatican, to be exact 🙂
3) Learn how to Ski in a natural setting
4) Watch Vienna Boys Choir sing Christmas carols in person In Gratwein, Vienna 🙂
5) Stay in a botel (boat hotel) and other unique/novelty accommodations Amstel Botel, Amsterdam, March 2014 🙂
6) Marvel at the Borobodur Sunrise
7) Eat, Pray and Visit Ketut in Bali
8) Go home to the Philippines for the first time
9) Take part in Spain’s Tomatina Festival
10) Enjoy a grape-harvest festival in Spain ala-Keanu Reeves’ A Walk in the Cloud
11) Learn to drive! Done. Problem is, I’m not sure if I still remember 😀
12) Learn to swim!
13) Skydive!
14) Greek-island cruising (or any cruise travel)
15) Backpacking and train travel in Iran through Turkey
16) Learn a foreign language in a country
17) Have a fill of tulips and flowers in Keukenhof, The Netherlands March, 2014
18) Get into “serious” travel photography; join photography classes
19) Finally convince my travel buddy, Antik, to explore Georgia (I’ve been bugging her for 2 years already), then go before she changes her mind 🙂 I convinced her already. Yey! But we still have to carry out this plan. SOON! :). Update: Crossed this out on my bucket list. Immensely enjoyed Georgia, but not with Antik, though
20) Backpack South-east Asia with the siblings

Long-Term Vision

1) Save enough to afford at least a 6 month sabbatical to just travel (destination: preferably South America)
2) Witness the glory of Antarctica – the last frontier
3) Bungee-jump! (I need to have the guts, that’s why I placed it under the long-term plan)
4) Embark on a Trans-Siberian Express adventure
5) Attend a Travel Blogging Conference
6) Learn Italian Cooking and Speak Italian in Italy (so I can put my 6 units of Italian classes to use) Spoke Italian during my Dec 2012 travel, I was thrilled! I want to do it again 🙂
7) Be a “certified” travel blogger!
8) Save enough to send Popsy and Momsy on a European trip; save more than enough to send Grandma and Uncle on a Holyland Pilgrimage
9) “Experience” Arizona vortexes
10) “Earn” while and through travelling which implicitly means travelling regularly if not constantly 🙂

I call on The Universe to heed my list and surprise me with a lot more.

After all, I found my own perfect tagline “I WAS NOT BORN FOR ONE CORNER. THE WHOLE WORLD IS MY NATIVE LAND”.

Happy birthday, Darna, citizen of the world 🙂


3 thoughts on “Birthday Travel Vision-board

  1. hehe.. good for you, ms. "anonymous"… i'm hoping to do some of them the trip after this coming one. let's travel the world… i'd like to see your list as well. baka pde tyong mag-joint forces in one of those 😀


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