Day 4 Mexico: I Want My Sunshine

Mexican summer, I learned, also happens to be the rainy season with the most rainfall happening in July (the time when I go visit)… Isn’t it ironic? Summer in the rain?
That got me started monitoring weather forecasts as early as 2 months prior. It also caused me to include weather in my daily agenda with God, praying for “rain amnesty” even for just 5 days. I almost thought of rehearsing an anti-rain dance to ward off rains during the trip.
In US, days before the trip, I would still regularly check forecasts which did not change much from prior information. It was showing an average 50% chance of precipitation with the probability increasing on the 4th and 5th days. Oh my, my, my…
My 3 days in Mexico City were uneventful as far as weather was concerned. My tours were not disrupted by rains, in fact the sun shone brightly on the first day. On the second day, there was a threat of rain as we were ascending Teotihuacan pyramids but it did not pour until we were enroute the Basilica de Guadalupe and stopped as we were close to our destination.
Day 4 did not look too promising. Since we left Mexico City the weather was gloomy, there was no sun in sight, and it looked like it will not shine that morning. Halfway through the trip to Cuernavaca, the weather was still grey and I was worried… First, I did not have an umbrella or a raincoat. Second, the photos would not be as great as when I have the sun shining brightly and the white, puffy clouds adorning the blue, blue sky…   
Random photo midway to Cuernavaca… notice the weather
 I started to pray hard. I was whispering “Sun, please shine”, “Please let the sun shine, please, please, please…” I look outside the van window and the conditions were still not changing. My prayers became more intense. I badly want the perfect backdrop for my photos…
After a while… Look who’s peeping!!! It’s Mr. Sun!

Looking for me? I’m here!!!
I couldn’t describe how happy, blessed and humbled I was. No, I was not just happy. I wanted to rejoice in my seat. Honestly, it got me teary-eyed. I would have cried if I was not alone, friends know how much of a crybaby I am.
I got excited! My energy level rose! Hmmm… Looks like I will be taking some good photos after all 🙂
As the day progressed, the weather grew nicer. We got just the right amount of sunshine to enjoy our time in Cuernavaca. There was no threat of rain already. In Taxco, we had lunch at a restaurant with a terrace offering a very nice view of Mediterranean-style houses and the side view of the church further up the hill. I looked at the sky, and I got the backdrop I had in my mind earlier today – powder blue skies, puffy, cottony cumulus clouds and the sun shining over the brick Mediterranean-styled roofs of Taxco 🙂

I was going around Taxco with the whole group with a wide smile on my face, happy with my backdrop 🙂 Oh how I loved the clouds. Oh how I loved the sun. It was so overwhelming how this magnificent view has uplifted my spirits that set me in the mood to take photos.

Back in Mexico City, I learned there was a heavy downpour most of the day, the kind that would take you off the streets and just stay at home (in your hotel). I smiled…

I was triumphant avoiding the rains throughout my trip. I had an itinerary sent down from heaven 🙂

“Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things. I am tempted to think there are no little things.” – Barton, Bruce


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