Chefchaouen: You Gave Me the Blues

  If Greece has Santorini, Morocco has… Chefchaouen… If Santorini is white, Chaouen is blue… My comparison ends there. A small picturesque town hidden between the twin Rif peaks of Jebel ech Chaouen where Spanish-influence intertwined with Jewish tradition that resulted in a charming town of white-washed homes with powder-blue accents… Tucked in the northeast corner of Morocco… Continue reading Chefchaouen: You Gave Me the Blues



Who hates doing groceries? Some people do. I don’t. It’s one of the things I loved doing in Manila and in Dubai especially when I have enough cash to fill my cart. I find it therapeutic and relaxing going over rows and rows of goodies and what-nots. I delight in seeing the colorful packaging of items,… Continue reading One FINEST Day


Footprints of a Restless Soul

                       Powered by 29travels I am a restless soul. And I knew it will find its way to break free from my self, sooner or later, one way or another. The restlessness to stay put in one corner or confined in one area has gotten worse…   The giddy soul wants a bigger playground. The restless soul wants to experience… Continue reading Footprints of a Restless Soul