The Best Lessons I Learned Before I Turned 31

Browsing my FB, I found this note I wrote a year ago. I was surprised re-reading my note. I didn’t realize how matured and grown-up I sounded that I began to wonder if I really wrote it πŸ™‚

But it was a good thing I made this list. It serves as a reminder for me of important lessons I may have forgotten that I musn’t and a simple pat in the back to carry on what I have started.

I hope these realizations provide you with strength through your own rough and tough times, the way they did when I was on the same boat, struggling and gasping to hold on to my sanity. May they provide you with inspiration that life is inherently beautiful and that you have the power to make it as beautiful as you want it to.

These are my “truths” a year ago, based on my own experiences and limited knowledge. They may not necessarily be your “truth” but that is the beauty of self-discovery. There is no defined road, and you can take your own path, and you set the pace.


1. I can dream what I want to life. I met the “Universe”, my personal genie πŸ™‚

2. Our thoughts become our destiny. How?

Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions for they become habits. Watch your habits for they become your character. Watch your character for they become your destiny. – Iggy’s Words of Wisdom he shared to me

3. I became cautious of the associations I make. The saying, “Birds of the same feather flock
together” I think is incorrect, as it should be “The birds that flock together will have the same feather.”

4. There is a very fine line between meddling and showing concern.

5. Attack is a cry for help. – My Uncle’s Frequent Reminder

6. God is love, love is God. – My Grandma’s Favorite Advice

7. Fear paralyzes. It takes away great opportunities and prevents you from enjoying the sunshine. Break away from the darkness of fear.

I never imagined working in a war-torn country. Yet, I am here for 2.5 years now. I am grateful for this break in my career, I am enjoying the pay, I am loving that I get to travel at least 2 times in a year, I am happy with the new friends I found, I am grateful for my bosses / mentors. I am proud of myself for having conquered the notion and the fear.

8. I learned that there are no “ugly” places on earth. There are no travel destinations to avoid. It’s just a matter of finding the beauty in each site. It’s learning to enjoy other terrains, learning to appreciate other cultures and not holding back in giving away your smiles. USA is modern. Turkey is enchanting. Morocco is mysterious. Holy Land is sacred. Nepal is welcoming. UAE is second home. Afghanistan is ruggedly charming.

Here I am, applying Lesson # 1, to be able to travel the world, and if Universe be kinder, the outer space!

9. I learned I have PATIENCE within me. It’s not infinite nor commendable, but it is strong enough to have kept me away from trouble.

10. There is a time to hold on. A time to give up. A time to stay. A time to walk away. A time to bite your tongue. A time to be brutally honest. A time to say hello. And a time to say goodbye.

11. The more I give, the more I receive.

12. It’s never the numbers, but the value. Except for 2 things – travel & shoes πŸ˜‰

13. I am blessed much more than I thought. I am a blessing to others in ways I may never know.

14. You will have people in your life who will love you despite your imperfections, inspite of you being you. There are people who won’t turn their backs on you, just because…


To them who broke my heart to pieces, to them who tried to crush my soul, to them who caused me to be in the dark, I can only be grateful. For you provided me with the perfect opportunity to find out if my flame will shine in the dark hours.

To them who picked me up when my heart was shattered to pieces and my soul was almost crushed, to them who never asked questions or demanded explanations but just ran to my side and offered me their hands, I can only feel humbled. For you taught me that love doesn’t have to say you’re sorry. You taught me what unconditional love is.

To them who chose to stay, to them who are in my present, and to them who will make it to my future and my forever… I can only strive to improve, push harder and develop my character. If I don’t owe it to you, I most probably owe it to myself to offer you my best – because you deserve nothing less.

Where am I a year after? I can only hope I am in a position closer to being the best ME I could ever be…


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