To You Who Inspired Me To Write (Again)

I love to travel and am passionate about traveling. Many years ago, I loved to write. I wrote for our high school paper, I wrote poems, I contributed a few articles to our local paper, I would represent my school in writing competitions. These two passions never met. Until a very good friend who had just gotten into… Continue reading To You Who Inspired Me To Write (Again)


Welcome to Taiwan

My first vacation this year (2012) brought me to Taiwan. I had to consider a place close to the Philippines so I can bring family along, whose entry requirements are manageable and that it should be somewhere I have never been to before. Not to mention that the projected expenses should be within my budget 🙂 My options were Indonesia, Taiwan and Myanmar. I… Continue reading Welcome to Taiwan


O’er Turkey’s Fairy Chimneys

The unique moon-like natural rock landscape… Houses carved in rocks… Cave churches… Pigeon holes dotting fairy chimneys as if they are windows… How much more perfect backdrop for a hot-air balloon ride can it get?! Upon my arrival in Goreme from Ephesus, I immediately looked for travel agencies offering hot-air balloon rides. I did not know how much a balloon ride will exactly cost, anticipating… Continue reading O’er Turkey’s Fairy Chimneys