To You Who Inspired Me To Write (Again)

I love to travel and am passionate about traveling.

Many years ago, I loved to write. I wrote for our high school paper, I wrote poems, I contributed a few articles to our local paper, I would represent my school in writing competitions.

These two passions never met.

Until a very good friend who had just gotten into blogging started to talk me seriously into starting my own, too. Until I moved to a new job and one of the first things I was asked to do was contribute an article for our Health and Safety newsletter. Eventually I just found my hands running the whole newsletter thing, making sure that it gets published every month and contributing articles whenever I can. The love affair with writing has been rekindled.

One day, I gave in and entered the blogging world. I decided to focus writing on what I enjoy most. TRAVEL!

The inspiration to write just came. I dug deep in my brain to recollect details to compose an article, but it was easier to look inside my heart, for it easily retrieves (fond) memories that words just flowed from my head to my keyboard.

Occasionally, I would deviate from purely travel topics and would write about inspiring experiences in my trips.

To you who inspired me to write (again), I am thankful for letting me rediscover the world of writing. Old passions never die. They are just kept in the corners of the heart waiting to be rediscovered. It still gives me joy like it used to before.

I found a wise and productive way to use my time. I create something that pleases me, destresses me and somehow brings back fond, old memories. I create something that others find entertaining and educational somehow.

To you who inspired me to write (again)… I am grateful that I have somehow found purpose. I discovered how inspiring others move me. I experience fulfillment knowing that one soul out there is being uplifted, another is enticed to travel and see the beauty of the world, and just another one brightens his outlook and perspective in life.     

Creating a solid reader base is a challenge. I was not sure whether I’d go full blast into blogging or make this just a pastime. But lately, I felt the need to keep my blogsite busy. I want to actively write so I would always have something new to share while fervently hoping that this little voice reaches wider. 

To you who inspired me to write (again)… know that I do not just travel and write anymore, like combining two verbs that look good together. I want that big smile in my heart knowing that one soul out there is sharing the smile, too.

“Learn and grow all you can; serve and befriend all you can; enrich and inspire all you can.”
~ William Arthur Ward


2 thoughts on “To You Who Inspired Me To Write (Again)

  1. You're welcome. 🙂 Let's keep on dreaming. living the dreams, writing and inspiring people. Blogging is sharing a part of yourself to others, and I am glad that you've found that purpose fulfilling,


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