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Islam Qalah: Out of the Comfort Zone

It’s my 3rd day here at site, and my first day on duty. I wanted to write about this┬ámilestone as I realize its significant┬ácontribution to my personal and professional life. I only have a few hours left before the self-imposed deadline to publish this post, so help me God ­čÖé About a week ago, I… Continue reading Islam Qalah: Out of the Comfort Zone


I (Still) Wanna Be A Marksman!

In the University of the Philippines, we were fortunate enough to be allowed to choose the Physical Education (PE) classes we wanted. There was a wide array of choices, from PE 1 (which was a lecture class), to dances, to martial arts, to ball sports, and a lot more! I really wanted to enrol in… Continue reading I (Still) Wanna Be A Marksman!