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The Burj al Arab Experience

Man’s inate fascination for the -est and the unique… The opening of Burj al Arab in Dubai in 1999 elicited a lot of curiosity, hype and awe. The hotel, uniquely shaped like a sail of a ship, is constructed on a manmade island off Jumeirah Beach and connected to the mainland by a short bridge. Burj is said to… Continue reading The Burj al Arab Experience


Solo Travel: 2 Days of Taipei

On my first day in Taipei, I decided to visit the Taipei Floral Expo. The Expo is on its final days of exhibit and I figured this is the best place for a solo traveller to go. Besides who doesn’t want to be surrounded by flowers, flowers, flowers… I walked to Taipei Main Station which is very close to… Continue reading Solo Travel: 2 Days of Taipei


When Prague Welcomes Miss Adventure

Improper it might seem, I am choosing to write about our misadventures in Prague as my first blog on my European winter vacation… Oftentimes, your memory of a place comes from the warm people or the pleasant experiences you had during the trip. Sometimes, not… This was how Prague welcomed my friend, Sharlene, and I on our 3-day… Continue reading When Prague Welcomes Miss Adventure