5 Things to Do in Taipei

Apart from the activities in my previous posts, here’s a few more things you may want to check out in Taipei. Take your pick, go and visit!

1. Enjoy nature at Yangmingshan National Park – we were in Taipei right in time for the Flower Festival which automatically had it at the top of my list! I was so excited to see cherry blossoms in bloom!

2. Go nationalistic at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall – built to commemmorate the Father of Taiwan, Sun Yat Sen, is a short walk from SYS metro station. On Sundays, the grounds turn into a lively park with a variety of activities such as kite-flying, jogging and picnics. It reminded me of our Rizal Park though this is smaller. We went late in the afternoon and witnessed the changing of guards and the lowering of the Taiwanese flag.

3. Go High in Taipei 101 and Din Tai Fung Restaurant – The second tallest building in the world offers a fantastic view of the city and options for shopping and dining. Din Tai Fung is highly recommended for its savory food and attentive and impeccable service at a price that won’t break your wallet 🙂

4. Soak in the Shilin Night Market Atmosphere – One of the more famous night markets scattered all around the city. Good way to spend time, shopping, eating, playing in the roadside “carnival” and just feasting your eyes on Taiwanese knick-knacks.

5. Get hip and trendy at Ximending – the Shibuya of Taipei, this district is a very lively place with giant ads and screens all over the place. It’s a food and shopping district in Taipei and great place for people-watching. We had a unique experience dining at Modern Toilet Restaurant and an enjoyable 2-hour-all-you-can-eat late dinner at Yakiniku 🙂

Taipei has a lot more to offer besides all that we’ve sampled in the few days we’ve been there. I was particularly pleased that Taipei is a food-haven, perfect for me who is “good-food deprived” in my “normal location” 🙂 I ate to my heart’s (and stomach’s) content, from the cheap but delicious street-food, milk-tea, to-go maki, fresh fruits, and the list goes on and on… We even sampled the “notorious” stinky tofu!

Taipei is a perfect destination – no noise from honking horns nor air pollution embracing the skies, just the warmth and hospitality of the Taiwanese people. Transportation system is efficient and the city is clean and green which adds to its calm and stress-free atmosphere. Taipei does not have that hype other mega-cities have, but I loved it just as it is. This is a gem waiting to be explored.   

I went to Taiwan with an average expectation of the country but I left with a lot of happy memories, surprised that Taipei got me! And yes, I have to say, “I Love Taipei!” 


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