QA Squashing and Smashing Time

Three days before moving to another job, our department arranged a team-building day where HR Department joined in the fun.

The morning was spent with an internal training where we all presented different topics. It was a lot of information, but it was another challenge to conquer our stage fright.

The afternoon was where fun began. Our colleagues planned squash and table tennis tournaments versus HR. Each game and each round had a corresponding point. The prize? 200$ from HR if QA wins to fund materials/equipment for the HAZWOPER trainings. If HR wins? QA has to give 200$ for HR’s Indian food fund 🙂

Who’s playing against who?
Occupying two squash courts
Occupying two squash courts
Madvhi and I playing for the first time :)
Madvhi and I playing for the first time 🙂
Mannan trying to snag a win for QA Team
It’s Joel vs. Mannan
Brennan vs. Frankey, a very exciting match
Lea vs. Ratil
The competitive Frankey
Zaki plays Brenda

While the squash match goes on, table tennis games are simultaneously played. Since most everybody’s eagerly and competitively watching and cheering on their teammate playing squash, the table tennis matches have been officiated by the players, too. Hehe…

Is Lea trying to see who’s winning the games?
Bobby in his competitive mood
Anda joins the fun!
Brenda enthusiastically playing for the HR Team, though she belongs to Security
Is it QA vs. QA now? Nasir tackles Epi
The boss seems pleased… Could it be that we were winning?

Yah, ok we lost the games. But that doesn’t mean that QA Team did not have fun. We had other colleagues support this event. Our Program Manager came to visit, Randy, Stefania and Sonja, among others as well.

IMG_6576  IMG_6593   IMG_6626 

IMG_6494   IMG_6645  IMG_6622

The day did not end there. Dinner of steaks and sausages courtesy of Brennan, Romanian salad and dessert as usual geniusly prepared by Anda, and Madvhi’s Indian samosa specialty were prepared. Our Program Manager was also present to hand out Certificates of Appreciation to QA personnel.

cookout 015 cookout 051 cookout 038
cookout 042  cookout 035

It was a tiring day but we had so much fun. Having a short break to relax and bond with colleagues just before I move to a different team is one of the best ways to say “See y’all later!”



Writing this post a month later is my way of letting my former team know that I miss their camaraderie. I know because I am looking at our pictures with an irrepressible smile on my face.

*** Special thanks to Violet and Ephraim for covering the event with these photos 🙂


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