Want Weapon? Qualify…

Since I joined this company a few years ago, I have been wishing to get my hands on guns, remembering what fun I had in my Marksmanship class in college. The potential to shoot well was there, but years of not holding guns have made me rusty. Unfortunately, the program that I joined wasn’t issuing guns to non-Security personnel. Going to the range and having my own weapon has become just a dream.

After four years, the dream turns into reality. One day a few months back, my then-supervisor from out of nowhere, told me to enlist for the Weapons Qualification Training. I was told that my position is eligible to be issued a weapon. Excited as can be expected, I just found myself sitting in the TAC Office with my coach, Mr. GC. He walked me through basic weapons handling safety and weapons manipulations. Thrilled yet nervous at the same time, I tried to hold as much weapons safety information as I can. The practicals was to be done in a range a few days later. My coach challenged me to get a perfect score of 40. Haha… Pressure! Pressure!

The range
The range

That Saturday, along with a bunch of guys who were also doing their qualifications, we went to the range. I was the only female in the group (or does this information even matter?) Since it was my first time to qualify, I was called to do practice firing in one corner just to get the hang of holding a weapon and actually firing it. Did well in the practice, so my new coach thinks I’m ready for the test 🙂 Yihaaa!!!

So it’s time!!!

On to our positions…

How did I fare? 33/40 shots. I’m proud. If I’m not mistaken, that translates to SHARPSHOOTER qualifications. I’m proud and pleased to find out I still have the skill. I did not fail Mr. GC in his challenge and I knew my LSO was proud that I did well on my first try 🙂

It was a hot day but a very, very enjoyable one. You wanna be a….? I wanna be a marksman!

Warming up
Warming up
My LSO and me talking about our game plan?
Getting all geared up
Getting ready for the real thing
Internalizing :p
Internalizing :p
"I have to qualify, I have to qualify, I have to qualify" - my mantra that morning
“I have to qualify, I have to qualify, I have to qualify” – my mantra that morning
Praying to qualify? No… Just picking up the bullets I dropped on the ground :p
Yup! In this position too!
My target card... And how I fared :) Felt proud!
My target card… And how I fared 🙂 Felt proud!

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