noun: hostage; plural noun: hostages
  1. One that is manipulated by the demands of another.
    This is what I have been feeling for the past 4 months since my work permit expired and my company was having issues processing renewals with the government agency. I had to forego a very important trip – something that I really wanted to be in because of this.
    Then my visa expired and could not be renewed because my work permit hasn’t been renewed. That means I couldn’t go anywhere, forfeiting my right to enjoy an end-of-mission break. I feel like I am hostaged in this country with nowhere to go to. I don’t like this feeling. It’s different having no travel plans by choice than having plans and have to forego them with no choice.
    It’s just not me who’s griping. There are some other employees who are/were hassled by inefficiency and inconsistent policies in place in this country. Welcome to the place where rules change everytime, anytime…
    And it’s just not fair that companies have to be penalized for the mess. And it’s not also fair to the employees who couldn’t take vacations, who had to delay their vacations indefinitely, who had to go through the stress of knowing that your papers expired or are due to expire and you are helpless. You are in limbo…
    Fast forward to about a week ago, I got my work permit. Yay! Now, it’s sent for visa renewal processing. Don’t know how much penalty the government will charge for more than 2 months expiry. I’m just glad I won’t be paying for it. But still, I wish rules would be institutionalized and there would be procedures in place for companies to follow rather than be at the whim of the officials.
    I didn’t mean to whine in my blog. But maybe I just want to vent out my worry. I’m planning to take a much-needed vacation soon and I am not feeling too happy without my visa renewed and having my actual passport with me.
    4 months of separation from my passport. I just miss it so badly 😦
    Enough of it, though… I wanna invite the positive energy. My colleagues/friends are working on my visa renewal. I am given the assurance that my travel plans will push through. We have time left…
    Soon… One day soon. I’ll get that new stamp in my passport. I’m gonna be so happy that I think I can kiss my passport then 🙂
    Disclaimer: This is not a blame-storming post. I was just caught in a situation that not my company or I wanted. On the other hand, I wish to thank everybody that had a hand in making things better for me as I continue to be a hostage – Mr. J #1, EJ, Ms. G, Mr. R #1, Mr. A, Ms. Z, Ms. C, Mr. J #2, Mr. M, Mr. R #2 and my company. I know your efforts and they are much, much appreciated.

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