Review: Hampton’s Inn and Suites, Mexico City

When you practically spent the day prior in airports and in flights, with a red-eye flight reaching your final destination early in the morning and with a tour to catch in 50 minutes, and the hotel allowed you to check-in early, what would you feel?

I was at the reception of Hampton Inn and Suites Centro Historico at 8:10 in the morning, almost ready to beg the staff to allow me to check-in to just freshen up before I join a whole-day tour. But I didn’t have to. My fairy god-hotel staff was granting my request IF a room was free. Lucky me! There is one room available but it needs to be cleaned before I can be checked in. I requested for at least 10 minutes use of the room before my tour pick-up arrives and the staff assured me they will do their best to check me in as requested.

Hampton Housekeeping did it! I was impressed. As soon as I was done freshening up, Reception called to inform me that my pick-up is at the lobby. 

Hampton did a good job as a front-liner of Mexican hospitality with a first-time guest like me. I appreciated the gesture and I told myself I must write a post about my stay.

So here I am keeping that promise…

Since I started planning a Mexico City trip, Hampton has been on my list. It belongs to the Hilton chain of hotels and I liked Hilton’s service eversince. Being a Hilton property, that means I will also be getting membership points. I also liked its location being in the historic center. What kept me from booking was the price. Travelling alone, I would be bearing all costs by myself, so I researched some more. I did find some hotels that fit my budget, within the same area, but deep inside me I was wishing I can afford Hampton and not be a cheapskate. If only their rates go down a little…

I guess the heavens heard my secret wish, and by a twist of fate, I had myself booked.

True to my expectations based on reviews in the internet, I felt the hospitality the moment I stepped out of the car. The doorman came to open the door for me and helped the driver with my stuff. As I walked to the lobby, the other staff greeted me courteously. I went straight to the Reception who immediately gave me her attention. While waiting for the room to be cleaned, I waited at the lobby and was told that I can help myself with coffee and tea at the restaurant (which is free-flowing 24 hours). What I loved most was the free wi-fi at the hotel lobby 🙂 I was able to update concerned citizens that I made it to Mexico, painlessly… I did not get bored with the wait.

Hampton is in a terrific location at Centro Historico, 2 blocks away from Zocalo and the shopping streets of 16 de Septiembre and Madero. Right across the street is a pasteleria and shopping malls. There is an in-house coffee shop and restaurant, but I did not have a chance to give it a try. I thought the location was perfect being right in the middle of it all but being “away” from it all at the same time. It is accessible yet not too busy for comfort.

The lobby was a bit small but was clean. It joined the dining area at some point. I noticed that even with guests in the dining area and at the lobby, the hotel was not chaotic and noisy. I also liked the bar-table and found it to be functional and stylish. Plus, there are electric outlets on the table that will come handy when you have your laptop or tablet with you.

I was given Room 208 and I immediately noticed the room number sign welcoming me to my room. I looked at the signs of the other rooms and found out each one is unique. Cute simple touch by Hampton!

I opened the door and… Tadaaaaa!!! I liked the room. It was a bit small, just right for a single person, but it was clean and dainty. The room was basic yet I loved it! Basic toiletries are available in room but others such as comb, toothbrush, etc are available in the Reception. For this, Hampton surpassed other bigger hotels I stayed at where only the basic toiletries were provided.

The bed was just right for my liking. It’s not too soft where I feel like I would drown, but it was not hard either. The pillows, though, are heavenly, very comfortable to sleep in.

Breakfast is included in the room rate. There is a wide variety of food served in the breakfast – an assortment of pastries, there is a waffle/pancake station where you make your own, mexican and international breakfast main course, healthy choice of yogurt and cereals, fresh fruit salad and fresh fruits. Of course, I was full each time I left 🙂

Another thing that had been helpful for me during my stay was the Business Center which has 2 computers and a printer. I did not bring a laptop with me so I used the computer to transfer photos to my external drive, fearing everyday that I might lose my pictures if I don’t copy them soon. What’s even better is that the service is free!

Self-service coin laundry service is also available. I did not try it, though, but I know it would be perfect for those who are staying in Mexico City longer.

I checked out of Hampton after two nights of stay to move to a cheaper accommodation, per my planned travel strategy.

Hampton has established a standard for me as far as hotel/inn stays are concerned. For the price, I would say that I was surprised and walked away very satisfied with what I got. More than the facilities, I give my thumbs up to the people behind Hampton Centro Historico for doing their best to give their guests comfortable and superb stay.

Moving to my hostel, I can only wish I wouldn’t feel a lot of regret for moving.

Gracias, Hampton for the wonderful stay. Hasta luego!


Hampton Inn and Suites

Calle 5 de Febrero, No. 24 Centro Historico, Mexico City, Mexico 06060 Tel: +52-55-8000-5000  Fax: +52-55-8000-5001



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