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My Afghan-Style Happy Meal :)

Our Mobile Kitchen project opened a few days back to provide meals to Afghan trainees. Well, it was a lucky day for us as we were invited to grace the opening of the DFAC and partake of Afghan cuisine 🙂

The newly-opened mobile kitchen

Pardon the quality of the pictures as I took it in front of the service line… But these are what we had…

mutton qurma
Afghan bread

As we fell in line in the service counter, we were given a meal set in a steel tray… We settled to our table where we had a softdrinks and juice already served in each seat.

What does my happy meal have? Crunchy and fresh green salad Afghan-style, not-so-tender-but-OK mutton qurma, a yummylicious Afghan-style fried chicken and a salty Kabuli palaw with Afghan bread on top 🙂 We had bananas and apples as dessert.


Another yum-yum-burp day with  the happy Procurement family 🙂 Bon apetit!

The HAPPY 🙂 Company

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