Woohoo!!! It’s That Time :)

Last month, I wrote about my disappointment on the verge of desperation spirit with how things went with my Work Permit and Visa Processing. Fortunately, the old adage “all’s well that ends well” still holds. A few weeks ago, I got my visa processed and it was just a priceless feeling to hold my passport once again. It sounds dramatic, but yeah, I felt that “it’s-so-good-to-be-reunited-with-you” feeling with my travel document.

Tomorrow, I am off to start my vacation and will be in a place I haven’t gone to before. It was a place that I had in my travel vision board for more than 2 years now. Finally, it is about to come true…

Here I am in front of my unusually neat and organized desk (because it is almost empty now, haha), writing this post. All my stuff should be packed by now, though there’s a little doubt in my mind whether I have everything ready.

Yeah, I’m excitedly and happily freaking out. Haha… Don’t know whether I can sleep until we stage for the airport tomorrow.

Ciao! See you in my next post, hopefully I wont be too lazy to write about my new adventures 🙂



2 thoughts on “Woohoo!!! It’s That Time :)

  1. Go as far as your eyes can see, farther than your mind can reach, stretch your imagination then open your eyes and see the big picture..still no bounderies in sight for a soul that can see beyond. But one thing is visible in the ad infinitum, the thread that gets stronger between your spirit and God that slowly detach you from the gravity of being human to being humane as we are humbled, are refined more and more as we see more wonders upon wonders that no man can create yet coursed thru his beingness from the hands of God….Shine and bring light to the uniniated that all my zoom to each own’s greatness……It’s wonderful gift to be born to this planet and so divine to have discovered its beautiful grandeur from the eyes on a traveler….


    1. This has been a very good vacation in many ways… The traveler in me is metamorphosing into a better, more seasoned traveler. Indeed, the world is beautiful as it never fails to amaze me wherever I go. But moreso, I found that the human soul is just as beautiful. To say that it was a very good vacation is an understatement. It is more than that, and I felt I am better than ever.


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