The Ties that Bond

It’s not difficult to realize that this vacation’s purpose is to bond with family. Though it was not intentional, it was how things are turning out one week into this R&R.

How did I say so?

Mother is First

My mother who stayed with me for a few days while I attend to some personal errands. Her efforts of long hours of waiting for me are greatly appreciated and just the look on her face on how happy she was to have a few days off from her usual routine is more than enough to make my day. There was no drama but just some mother-and-daughter talks and stories that I am grateful to have had this chance with her. Plans to squeeze activities in between went pfffttt!!! due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic or just pure fatigue.

One-on-One Despedida de Soltera

When it was time for her to go back home, I haphazardly asked Mama to call my sister if she can come and spend time with me. She would have joined us when Mama was there but she was sick and isn’t too comfortable gallivanting. Sister agreed. We met to send Mama off in the bus station. Then it was just the two of us alone. After some time of indecisiveness what our activity for the night would be, we agreed to go to a spa. While my knotted muscles were being worked by the masseuse, I realized this was a perfect time to have a sister-to-sister moment with my sister just before her big day.

Bro-nding in Bali

The plan for an annual family outing did not push through because family is busy preparing for my sister’s big day. Not wanting to lose the chance to cross out an old travel vision-board, I went ahead and went to Indonesia with my brother. We are on our 5th day together and we are having fun. No bro-sis quarrels, hehe… We were too busy enjoying I guess.

What About the Father?

Hmmm… That’s one thing I have to work on when we get home from this vacation. I have to find an activity for an exclusive bonding moment with the father. For sure, he will refresh my stale driving skills… And we’ll just take it from there.

The Ties that Bond

This is not the vacation I am used to –  in a good way though. I am starting to appreciate slowing down in my trips to smell the roses – sometimes not because I wanted to, but because circumstances made me do so. I realize that slowing down doesn’t mean losing time to see sights or do activities. Rather, it is the other way around. You learn to be in that moment and fully be in the present of what I was doing.

It could be the age factor, too. I need to slow down because my body was not the way it used to. I need more frequent rests than before. I learned to listen to my body and hear its soft whisper “I’m tired”.

Slowing down allowed me more conversations with the mother, another quiet time with my sister and a lot of memories my brother and I did together in Indonesia. It was a lot different from our other vacations where we were always moving around. We were always tired.

I am only given a few days a year to be with family and I am glad I have started to find the best way to enjoy it with them. Time is the most essential tie that binds.


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