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Bali Trip 2013: Having a Ball

To say that I am having fun in Bali is an understatement.

Despite the apprehensions I have being the rainy season in Bali, I went ahead and pursued this holiday. Why Bali? Apart from Timor Leste and Myanmar, Indonesia is the only other Southeast Asian country that I haven’t been to. And if you know me, you’d know that I am trying to visit as many new countries as I can. Or at least one new country when I travel. Also, Cebu Pacific Air opened the Manila-Bali direct flight early this year which means cheaper airfare and avoiding transit in Jakarta.

Good thing I went ahead. Rainy season it is, but rains never spoiled my vacation. If not for the occasional dark clouds in the sky and quick showers which were replaced by bright skies that allowed me to enjoy Bali’s fine sunsets in 2 out of 2 occasions.

This trip’s success came with a lot of prayers. I wrote about the issuesw we faced renewing my work permit and visa. Then there is the question whether I made the right choice going on a Bali holiday during its rainy season.

My brother and I had a blast. We had plenty of time to enjoy Bali which is a 180-degree shift from the hurried pace of my travels.

To say that I am having fun in Bali is an understatement. My future blogs will tell you why. I will share my own Eat, Pray, Love moments.

Writing this on our last day before we depart back to reality tomorrow is already bringing me back good memories. As they say “some good things come to an end”.

Thinking about coming to Bali? Please don’t think twice about it. Satisfaction is highly guaranteed.


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