New Years of 2014

Today is New Year’s Day of our Chinese friends. Officially, we are in the Year of the Horse and the Year of the Snake is over. While it would have been a treat to be in the midst of the noise and the Chinese New Year festivities, I wish to write about my own New… Continue reading New Years of 2014


Bali: Temple Run

You can not go to Bali and not visit one temple. After all, some of the must-visits in this place are temples and for sunset-suckers, 2 temples are good vantage points for the famous Balinese sunsets. Temples are a Balinese way of┬álife. There must be thousands of temples in all of Bali as each household… Continue reading Bali: Temple Run


Bali 2013: 4 Things I Like About You

Now at Ngurah Rai airport waiting for the flight back home. Every last bit of┬áRupiah was spent, save for some 8000 Rupiah which can no longer buy me anything at duty-free but will afford me when I come back a liter of gas for a scooter. Now back to work and didn’t have time to… Continue reading Bali 2013: 4 Things I Like About You