Bali 2013: 4 Things I Like About You

Now at Ngurah Rai airport waiting for the flight back home. Every last bit of Rupiah was spent, save for some 8000 Rupiah which can no longer buy me anything at duty-free but will afford me when I come back a liter of gas for a scooter. Now back to work and didn’t have time to complete this post as quick as I wanted to.

So what did I like about Bali?

1. Bali is small enough to be covered in a week. While there are still a lot more sights to see, things to do and places to discover, one week leaves a traveler refreshed and satisfied enough of his vacation yet feels short enough to want to come back for more.

2. Bali’s rainy season in December is not the rainy season that we know in the Philippines. In the week we’ve been here, our itineraries were never spoiled by a bad weather. The shower was a little harder when we stopped over a rice terraces on our way to Tanah Lot from Bedugul, but that was it. Oh yeah, there was a slight drizzle when we were on our way to Mt. Batur from Ubud which had me debating about the wisdom of pushing through this volcano tour even with the possibility that we wouldn’t see the volcano. We pushed through and in a short while, the drizzle stopped. There had been showers in the evening though but did not affect us personally as we were already in our hotel then. I could say that the weather was unpredictable – it could be bright and sunny one minute, then cloudy to gray the next. But still grateful that we did not let the weather stop us from going to this trip.

3. Bali has something for everybody. While famed for its beaches, surfing spots, Balinese massage and majestic sunsets. Bali is a lot more than these… What makes it fun is that you can create your own adventure and find out that you can never go wrong. And I believe that a holiday in Bali is still within the reasonable budget range.

4. The Balinese hospitality. Everyone greets you with a smile and provides you their service with a smile. It is evident in the hotels we stayed in that a personal connection and homey touch to their service is being made, be it their welcome drinks or welcome note in the room. I felt a genuine hospitality and helpfulness to us tourists. In our hotel in Ubud, we were even sent off by the staff. He did not leave the front of the house until our car sped off. Reminds me a lot of Philippine culture.

While I can list gazillion of things I liked about our trip, I’d rather let your free mind wander and travel Bali. Enjoy!


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