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An Impromptu Bridal Shower

My sister is getting married in a few days.

Though I wished she was able to join my brother and I on our trip to Bali, superstitious belief does not recommend brides-to-be to be “exposing” themselves out to the dangers out there.

But before we give her away, I had a chance to bond with her one night.

After seeing off our Mom in the bus station on her way home, I invited my sister for dinner. We were having a hard time deciding where to go, what to eat, etc. Then I thought we just go to a spa instead and have dinner after (the relaxation might be able to help our brains decide where to go). I remembered Wensha Spa in Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

Many years ago when I was still working in Manila, I would pass by this spa and it always looked busy from outside. The parking lot outside was always full. In short, I never had a chance to experience it. Until that day…

The parking lot was still full. I was feeling a bit off as I was carrying a small wheeled luggage which has my stuff from a few days stay in Manila. There is a small waiting area as you enter. The cashier/reception area is also there and brochures are available for you to choose the treatment you want to have. Beside the cashier area is the locker room. Yey! They kept my luggage for me and here is where you leave your shoes. Rubber slippers will be provided.

Up the stairs is the buffet section. There is a limited selection of viand and dessert, but their best-seller is the shabu-shabu all you can 🙂

She seems to look as if she can’t decide what to eat… But she’s hungrily eyeing the shabu-shabu ingredients! Haha…
Wensha Buffet Section

We decided to have dinner first. It was dinner time when we went and as expected, we had to wait a while to be seated.

She’s just taking her food seriously, my sister :p

Wensha Spa offers free wifi but I just couldn’t activate it in my phone. While waiting, we toured the whole second floor.

Straight ahead from the buffet section is a corridor with treatment rooms on both sides. At the dead-end is the changing section for ladies and the sauna and steam room. Towels and bathrobes are provided and lockers are available to keep your belongings and clothes.

The corridor, taken from the women’s changing room. The doors lead to massage rooms

On the other wing from the buffet section is a big room where treatments such as paraffin wax take place and the restroom. We did the massage in the other wing though, shared with one other lady 😀

Wensha’s rates include an 8-hour stay to include the treatments and use of their facilities. My masseuse told me that some people come and use the remaining time to sleep on their massage beds/reclining chairs. The spa allows it as long as no other customers will use them.


Wensha Spa offers a different take on massage and relaxation. While its popularity does not afford you the peace and quiet of enjoying your treatment, I found a different kind of enjoyment with the “party” mode of the place.

I think the price is worth it if only for the variety of activities you can do within 8 hours (including food!). However, the treatments I got is not are just ordinary and probably would think twice about coming there again for a serious heavenly massage.

Care to share your own Wensha experience?

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