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Keukenhof: The Garden of My Dreams

In celebration of Valentine’s Day and considering that observing Valentine’s traditions require a lot of planning, creativity and resourcefulness in this part of the world, I thought to just write about a Valentine “necessity”.


Three years ago, I can’t even remember how, but I chanced upon this beautiful, colorful and paradise-like garden, openly tucked just in the outskirts of Amsterdam. Immediately, I knew I had to go to this place. Keukenhof…


The place right away merited a spot in my travel vision board. With that, I knew I had to visit Netherlands in spring. If I had the only chance to visit Netherlands, no other season but in spring.

With the Universe working on my vision board 3 years since, looks like I’m finally visiting the garden of my dreams soon. While these photos below are just downloaded from the internet, I know I’ll have my own set not for long. And a new post sharing my own experience.

Dear Keukenhof,

Finally, I am going to meet you 🙂 You were just a dream to me 3 years ago, soon you’ll turn into reality. When I come, show off and captivate me with your charm and beauty. Make me fall in love with you… Make me enjoy you. For I come with you and only you as my main purpose.



photo credits: http://www.viator.com
photo credits: http://www.hotelamsterdam.nl
photo credits: http://www.keukenhof.nl
photo credits: http://www.akademifantasia.org

Have you been here before? Did you have a lovely time? Share with us how Keukenhof blew you away!


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