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My Day at the Keukenhof Garden

Finally. After how many springs past, I was able to travel to Netherlands and visit Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, just outside of Amsterdam. Another dream come true. And I could feel my excitement and could almost hear my heartbeat as the plane nears landing in Schipol Airport.

It was Saturday. We planned to wake up early and be at the Keukenhof entrance as soon as it opens. But. It didn’t happen. We arrived at about 10:00. The garden opens at 8:00 and closes at 19:00. The garden has just been open for a week when we visited. We went at a good time I think. There wasn’t too much crowd though it was a weekend, the weather was fantastic I was able to walk around without my sweater, and there was a satisfactory bloom of various flowers enough to delight a visitor like me. I know that if we went a bit later, I would die of extreme delight from blooms and tulips overload! Yes, they said, Europe has a fantastic and friendly spring this year.

One thing I noticed while we were walking around the park was that it wasn’t as tiring walking around nature than it is around manmade structures. The Mother Nature magic! I told my friend, “This is THE “Disneyland”, the happiest place on earth!”

8 hours spent in the garden was not enough. We should have really been there as soon as the gates opened. No words can capture the beauty, and no photos will ever come close to encapsulating what it is being in my “happiest place on earth”.

Enjoy the photos of the garden. I’m thinking of making a separate post on my favorite exhibit pavilion, with more photos of course!

Keukenhof entrance at 10am… Wonder if the crowd ever disappears…


this area greets you as you enter the park


20140329_103759 20140329_110630 20140329_111308

yey! cherry blossoms in Europe!
very relaxing scenery
if you’re happy and you know it… jump!
running water and its calming effect


another lake within the garden
relaxing by the grass… im not sure if this is allowed though. ooppsss!!!


water canal of Keukenhof
Dutch art
Tulip fields beside Keukenhof. Can you just imagine what a pretty sight it will be when the tulips are all in full bloom?
another photo op spot within Keukenhof
everything Dutch! windmill, canal, tulips… breathtaking!


more cherry blossoms!!!



shopping for souvenirs in Keukenhof is very much possible 🙂


Some notes if you intend to visit:

  1. Keukenhof is open for 2 months only in spring. Opening schedule varies each year.

  2. Transport from Amsterdam Centraal is possible with transfer at Schipol Airport. We bought our Combi Tickets from Keukenhof website which includes entrance fee and two-way transfer to Amsterdam Centraal or Schipol Airport.

  3. Lockers are available for a fee at the visitor information center.

  4. Free wifi is advertised to be available in Keukenhof website. It was, but the bandwidth was low we were not able to access internet during our whole day visit. So no live uploads to Facebook 😦

  5. The exhibits in the pavilions are worth visiting, too. I particularly liked the one in Oranje-Nassau pavilion.


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