Keukenhof’s Inspirational Gardens

Across the canal from the Mill Area are the 7 inspirational gardens of Keukenhof. According to the park’s website, these inspirational gardens are meant to provide inspiration for your own garden.

Some showcases were fun, some were very creative. Some were very photogenic. But I enjoyed them all!

  1. Recycling Garden

The recycling garden is visible from the Mill Area and is flocked by visitors due to the very nice photo op at the stationary boat in the canal right by this garden. This garden consists of a container converted into a two-storey summerhouse, a hanging greenhouse and a bathtub pond. Very creative, indeed!






  1. Love Garden

Cheesy in pink, romance is in the air in this garden. There’s a bench with “LOVE” as a backdrop, a love swing, wooden boards with romantic words such as “I love you” and “Will you marry me” in various languages, a big heart where you can write your love message (unfortunately, they ran out of red paper strips, we didn’t want to use our own paper and ruin the aesthetics of the red heart, so we didn’t leave our love message).




  1. Cookery Garden

If I’d one at home, I would want how this garden was designed. I like the greens, the yellow and purple flowers, the flower pots, the vertical garden. If this was my kitchen, I could live here forever! It is so cozy, light and breezy.









  1. Dutch Cow Garden

The most Dutch of all the gardens, and so my favorite for taking photos. The garden is built around colors of Frisian cow prints, flower pots in Dutch design such as the cheese-shaped and use of milk containers and wooden clogs.






  1. Bee Happy Garden

Yes! There were bees in the area. And I think they are happy!



6. Family Garden

Also called Rob’s Garden since it was designed by Rob Verlinden, Netherlands’ most famous TV gardener. It is a very cozy and bloom-filled garden with an open-air wooden kitchen/dining area, complete with Delftware displays. What I liked is the wooden table and benches. I’m sure there’s be one of this in my home 🙂

When you have a view like this, who wouldn’t enjoy their meals with the family?


20140329_165131 20140329_164934 20140329_164951 20140329_165023

20140329_165146 20140329_165131 20140329_164934 20140329_164951 20140329_165023

  1. Healthy Garden

Surprising to find elliptical exercise machines in the middle of a garden. Haha…

Foto 1

My favorite? I have two. The cookery garden because I am seeing my house with that kitchen and the Dutch cow garden because I enjoyed the playfulness and Dutch-ness of the design.

What’s yours?

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