What to Do in Bruges: Photo Tour Brugge

So ever since I found my cooking class in Bali to be an enjoyable and worthwhile activity, I have been in the lookout for classes in my travels. And this trip to Europe wasn’t any different.

Chocolate/praline making class in Brussels or Bruges would have been cool. Open classes are not offered though and tuition for solo students are exorbitant.

Photography class… I found several in the internet for classes in Amsterdam, but either the schedules don’t fit or the tuition is expensive or BOTH. I then searched for photography class in Belgium. And look what I found!

Photo Tour Brugge.

I emailed the photo tour guide, Andy, a few days before I intended to take the class to reserve a slot for the 10am Photo Tour. He emailed promptly and was very accommodating.

I had difficulty finding the meeting point based on the map that Andy sent me. I forgot to use Google map to determine the location. Hehe… I was going back and forth the Markt Square and the Burg Square searching for the red door with “B” on top. Anyway, it turned out that it is right beside the Basilica of the Holy Blood. I might have looked like a lost child that Andy was able to identify me right away. Hehehe…

The 10am Photo Tour, aptly titled Edges of Brugge, takes you to the side streets and canals for which Bruges is known for. Andy is a helpful photo guide, giving me tips and suggestions as I take my photos. And his first and best advice?

Love everything in PHOTOGRAPHY 🙂


Joining this photo tour has proved to be a perfect decision for me. Being the only participant in class, I had the full attention of the photo guide and so I was able to get more from the class than if I had other classmates. I “met” Fidele, the most photographed dog in Bruges, learned that there are a lot of Madonna and Childs scattered all over the city, and learned the story of swans in Bruges.


Below are some shots I took during the “class”. The photo tour did not make me a photography genius, obviously. But I’m sure to have gotten more insights to developing my photographer’s eye.













Towards the end of the tour, Andy gave me a souvenir envelope which contains several photos he took of Bruges, a Photo Tour Brugge sticker and a Bruges map that I used to navigate the city to look for my frog prince :p

The 2-hour session ended quickly but not without getting a random stranger take a souvenir photo of Andy and I.


Whether you are alone like me or with a group in exploring Bruges, I would recommend considering joining Andy’s Photo Tour. It surely is a worthwhile experience.


More Information:

Cost: €40, some hotels give away discount card to establishments and attractions, Photo Tour Brugge is one of them. I got a 4€ discount 🙂


Love Everything In Photography

-Andy McSweeney, Photo Tour Brugge


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