D’s Quinquennial Award

Remember me writing about my fifth year at work in February?

Well, 5 years with the company is a recognized milestone and employees are being honored in a simple gathering every month. While I should have gotten mine in February, my transfers to different programs almost every year had the HR personnel confused and so I was not included in the list then.

Yesterday was my day.

Along with 4 other colleagues, I was awarded my 5-year certificate.

With the prodding of my “sister” here at work, I ordered pizza the night before to celebrate this milestone.

Come, let’s celebrate!









Since we were not given an opportunity for a thank-you speech yesterday, allow me to thank everyone that I have worked with and became friends with the past 5 years in the company through this post. I have become a better professional because of all of you.


“Work diligently. Work hard. Focus. Perform as if you are at the Olympics. One day, unexpectedly, it will start paying off.”
Joan Marques


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