Sagada Sunrise

Though nursing a sore and tired body from our spelunking adventure, I was adamant to witness the famous Sagada sunrise in Kiltepan. The mother, the siblings and the cousin begged off. They were too tired and sore as well that they preferred to extend their dates with the bed for later that day, we were scheduled to trek to Bomod-ok falls. Father dear had no choice but to accompany daughter dear.

We decided not to get a guide for this short trip so we asked around for directions to Kiltepan the afternoon prior.

It was still pitch-dark outside at 4:30ish when the Father and I set off from St. Joseph Resthouse. Fortunately, we did not get lost and were able to reach Kiltepan Viewpoint in no time. The road to Kiltepan is straightforward and it was no problem taking an AUV with you for your sunrise trip.


When we arrived, there were already spectators waiting for the grand show that morning. Each one took a spot or whiled away time by taking photos pre-sunrise.





Amazingly, the sunrise in Sagada is breathtaking and heavenly. Now I understand what the fuss and its popularity came from. A sea clouds of clouds so low that the mountains rise over them. At the viewpoint, we are at a vantage above the mountain peaks and the sea of clouds that I thought this must be the closest image I could have of how heaven looks like.



At around 5:20am, the sun began to peek from the mountains. Though the sun was not able to rise in its full glory due to the huge clouds hovering above the sunrise spot, it was still a sight to behold. I wonder how lovely a sunrise it is if the weather had been cooperative.



A few minutes later, the sea of clouds began to disappear giving way to the view below that was hiding earlier – verdant green rice terraces and scattered small villages. The disappearing sea of clouds gave the view a mystical and haunting appeal. This is another masterpiece of the Maker.



It was just 10 or 20 minutes of spectacular show before the universe is washed with the brightness of the sun. It was in that moment that the feeling was so intense, I felt I didn’t want to close my eyes or move from my spot for fear of losing a precious second while the sun rises. It was fleeting, but watching sunrises and sunsets is one activity that one is so engrossed with the moment, focused on that activity. It is one activity when nature is the front act, and everything and everybody else pales in comparison.

It was one activity where I debated hardly with myself whether to just savor the moment and let my eyes soak everything in or to capture the moment through my lens. A tough decision to make, really.



Here’s a photo of Father and I, proof that we sacrificed sleep to be there and be one with nature.

We went back to the guesthouse to still sleeping folks 🙂


My reward for waking up early and Father’s for accompanying me? A pancake meal from Masferre Restaurant 🙂 Filling and delicioso, hopefully this will fuel me up to conquer the long trekking expedition ahead!



  “There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”
Jo Walton       



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