Of Surprises on My Birthday

My life has just been full of surprises, often times blind on what’s going to happen next. There was a time when I hate surprises and would prefer my life planned and I, prepared.

Years of self-discovery has somehow changed me. I now know why the phrase “pleasant surprise” was coined. Not all surprises are dreadful and scary.

Life rewards… And there’s no better way than receiving it unprepared.

On my birthday, I was reminded of the same, again.


Disagreements are avoided often times as it exposes cracks and disturbs the reigning peace. Little did I know, one argument I had today led to a pleasant and welcome message underlying it. Sure, it wasn’t a good way to welcome my birthday, but after all is said and done, I wouldn’t have avoided this argument.

The things we want to hear and thoughts that we want to know are sometimes revealed not in the best circumstances. And the disagreements and heartaches will just be worth it.


This bag is a gift from a friend. It was another pleasant surprise knowing that she “prepared” for my day. There are no malls here, just a PX shop where we can buy daily necessities. What’s better, I like the bag that she chose for me. This will surely make it on my next travel 🙂


I had no plans to “celebrate” my birthday like I did in the past. There was no preparations, except for the glutinous rice I brought back and asked a colleague to make rice cake for today.

At lunch the “mafia” reminded me of the pizza party we haphazardly talked about a week ago. How could I have forgotten to prepare something? So anyway, we went to the coffee shop to order pizza for snacks.

It was right before the party that I invited colleagues to celebrate with me. Everyone I invited came, and then some, who are just as welcome as the others. It wasn’t as organized as the past parties we had, but it’s ok. What’s important is that I had a small celebration of thanksgiving for everything I had and that happened the past year.

We had 2 pizzas, fresh fruit shake / juice and an unplanned birthday cake, only whole cake left in the fridge. So there, I have cake, too.

No, Im not 40 yet. That’s the birthday candle we take turns using during birthdays, and now I have a “taste of what it’s like to be 40”. 🙂

Anyway, a colleague paid for everything we had at the party. Hehe… A pleasant surprise and a nice gesture well appreciated.


My life is laced with surprises. That I have learned to just appreciate them as they come.

Like the colorful fruits that adorn my white birthday cake, I wish for more bright and happy surprises to lace my year.

If the 3 surprises I received today are to be regarded as omen, I think I will have a lovely and blessed year ahead. And I am just a grateful heart today.


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