Playful at the Hong Kong Art Square

It was a gloomy day in Hong Kong. After taking late lunch, I walked along Tsim Sha Tsui harbor front to savor the sights that I missed during my first Hong Kong trip.

It was uncomfortably chilly and I was inappropriately dressed, so I decided to check out a museum nearby. It was a toss between the dome-shaped Hong Kong Space Museum and the Hong Kong  Museum of Art which are located in front of each other.

While literally torn in between these two museums, these playful public art scattered along the Salisbury Garden caught my eye.

I had fun taking photos of and with these masterpieces of Chinese artists who are featured in an exhibit entitled “Heaven, Earth and Man”.

“Big Apple” of Kum Chi-Keung signifies earth
Danny Lee’s “Waterdrop” represents heaven

Rosanna Li’s take on man, “Happy Folks”


This stretch of genius works, aptly located by the Museum of Art, is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong metropolis. They are interactive and entertaining that it is easy to be charmed by these works and be playful in front of the camera with them. What’s better is that they are free to the public and accessible anytime of the day.

I almost forgot that I had a museum to visit, having gotten busy posing with these artsies.







In tight budget on your travel? Be on the lookout for gems like this that are worthwhile and yet does not pinch a penny on your budget.

Enjoy your art attack!


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