Thoughts on War Zone Nightmares

Yesterday… Just over more than a year ago when I first saw the ugly face of terrorism…

I have experienced another gruesome, terrifying and spiteful design of soulless people. Yesterday, a motorcycle-riding suicide bomber was able to strike terror in our peaceful camp, claiming lives and inflicting injuries to our colleagues, leaving a permanent scar to all of us who survived and the families of the victims.

Photo credits: http://media.militaryphotos.net/photos/album119/aac

Just like that… Lives were gone.

Like stories we heard of on the 911 attack, some have escaped death by “something that came up” that caused them to be away from where the devil was. In this incident, I heard of stories too of colleagues unlucky enough to be “at the wrong place at the wrong time”, talking about a thin line of 2 or 3 seconds between their life and death.


A lot of childless couples recognize the miracle and blessing of life and are dearly praying to have their own bundle of joy. Many opt for expensive treatments and innovations just to explore all possibilities of bringing in a life in this world. For they recognize the beauty of life.

Sick people and their families hold on to every miracle there is to make them well. Expensive treatments and medical services are sought to save a life. Medicines are being formulated and huge researches are done to combat diseases. Another breath, another second is important.

Pity are those who do not see and appreciate the beauty of life. Pathetic are those living in darkness, believing that it is the light. Unfathomable how other people desire to place others’ lives in their own hands, playing God.

Amid another nightmare, I choose to see light. I choose to hold on to hope. I choose to dream.

Amid another abhorrent incident, I appreciate the beauty of living. I look back at my life and marvel at how God has made me Me. I see my faults and weakness and feel pride of my accomplishments. I am God’s work in progress.

I will find reasons to laugh despite of. I will find a spot in my heart that needs other people. I will still trust in the good of others. I will not let me be scarred for life. I will not let these 2 incidents take away my zest in life.

Indeed, we only live once. There is no “take two”. There is only one time to smell the roses we pass along the way. There is only one time to take the people we wish to last in our lives. There is only one time to stumble and fall, and get up again. But it is not even about winning, losing, stumbling and standing up. It is just about being. For living is about all these… And more…

I am grateful that I am not this crazy mind who masterminds and executes darkness in others’ lives. I am grateful for all the wins, loses, stumbles and rises that I made. I am grateful that I see the world as beautiful creation – how each place is a world’s away from the next but is equally charming in its own way. I am grateful I know how to find goodness in others and be trusting of the innate good. I am grateful to recognize and respect personal space and belief. That each one has a place in this world, and the world is huge and abundant enough for all of us.

I learned that not everyone is as blessed.

Amid another nightmare… And surely there will be a lot more evil ways that will spring from all parts of the world. I know there will be an equivalent beauty and peace scattered all over. While there is yin, there is yang. While there is despair, there is hope. While there is hatred, there is love.

This is a fact of life. An equal and opposite reaction for every action.

So while there is darkness. I know the light will shine.

P.S. Please offer a little prayer to all those who we lost that they are now in the light, those who are battling death to survive and be living testaments of hope, and all us who are left behind that we will get through this incident miraculously unscathed. Let us pray for the crazy minds to be enlightened and finally see the beauty that they have been missing all along.


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