The Lucky Qatar Airways Flyer

I am a Qatar Airways Privilege Club member since 2009 and not long after I registered in QR’s mileage program, I traveled on their flight for the first time on my Bangkok trip.

The service was excellent I must say. I didn’t have any issues at all and told myself I’d be using them again in my future flights.

This post is not to review QR’s service. It is about my lucky streak as a QR passenger.

I have always flown Economy and would rather save to afford a flight rather than pay for comfort and upgrade to Business or First Class. I thought I’d never experience flying Business, but several times QR and One World family have pulled random surprises for me 🙂

1. Doha-Nairobi Leg

I was traveling with a friend to Kenya for leisure. A crew came to me and asked if it was ok for me to be upgraded to Business Class as they saw me with companion. Why, of course, Qatar Airways. The pleasure is mine 🙂 I bade my friend goodbye and will see her later in Nairobi.


That 5-hour or so flight was my first taste of Business Class. I had a LaZ-Boy type of seat with spacious leg room. Food was sumptuous, far from our notion of airline food.


I remember the hospitality and attentiveness of the flight crew as they have been very attentive of my needs. Someone came to take my coat and hung it in the locker. My pen blotted when I was about to fill the Kenyan Immigration Card that ink was all over my hands. A crew noticed and without asking help from her, she immediately went to take wet wipes and towel for me to wipe my hands with.

I wasn’t able to sleep in the flight, though. Not because I was uncomfortable, but because I was savoring the Business Class experience.

This certainly kept me in a jovial and relaxed mood as I stepped into Nairobi. Jambo, Kenya!

2. Doha – Frankfurt Leg

I learned to reserve my seats prior to flights so I can be assured of a window seat. At the boarding gate, the ground crew told me that my seat number has changed. I asked her why, in a somewhat irritated tone. She gave me a sweet smile and said, “Because Ma’am, you have been upgraded to Business Class”. I wished I could take back my tone. Haha! I could just kiss the crew!

Anyhow, I was the first Business Class passenger who boarded the aircraft. I had undivided attention of the crew who immediately offered me drinks and made me feel welcome. A Filipino crew was present and we made a small chit-chat about my travel.


As expected, service was impeccable. I slept most of the flight in the comfort of my semi-bed seat. I woke up to enjoy Business Class dining experience and it was also a treat.


This flight was a few weeks before Christmas. Qatar Airways gave me my early Christmas present. Merry Christmas, QR! Until next time 🙂

3. One World Cathay Pacific DXB-HKG Leg

I took Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong, a One World member, which entitles me to earn miles to my QR Privilege Club.

This was my first Cathay Pacific flight. And what a way for CP to surprise me!

When I checked in for my flight, I was upgraded from Economy to Premium Economy. Excited of this beginner’s luck, I immediately checked the features of this seat class and was looking forward to the flight.

But good luck wasn’t through with me yet. For at the boarding gate, I was informed that I was again upgraded from Premium Economy to Business Class!

The photo below is my cabin. It was spacious and the best seat I ever had. There were lots of buttons that I had to familiarize myself with their uses. I liked the sweet touch of orchid and the traveler’s pack that was given away.


I had a seat that converts to a bed. My cabin had plenty of compartments to store my stuff. And since I couldn’t believe of this good luck, I couldn’t sleep for a while and took advantage watching a movie.


Food was served generously. Cabin crew were attentive and hospitable, as expected. I was a spoilt traveler!




My first travel in 2014, my first Cathay Pacific flight… Indeed, there is such a thing as beginner’s luck! Thanks, CP!

4. One World Cathay Pacific HKG-DXB Leg

I didn’t have photos of this leg of my trip as I have been so stressed prior to departure.

3 hours before my flight, I checked-in. The check-in counter staff wouldn’t check me in yet and instead gave me a meal voucher to while my time. I was told to come back and check-in 1 hour before the flight.

Being a seasoned traveler, I know that check-in counters are open at least 2 hours prior departure time. I thought something didn’t look good and went back to the check-in counter to inquire. I was then told that the flight was full and they were still re-arranging the flight to accommodate passengers. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to get into this flight. It was an intense 2 hours… I couldn’t get to entertain myself…

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. I was able to get into my flight and I was upgraded from Economy to Premium Economy 🙂

The Lucky One

Four upgrades in five years…

That is very generous of Qatar Airways and of One World family. While I also maintain miles from another airlines, I have never been upgraded when I took theirs or another member’s flights. I am not a Silver or Gold or Platinum member of QR, but 1 factor I guess that keeps me “winning the lottery” is that I usually just travel alone. It is more practical to upgrade a solo traveler than one who has companion(s).

This is one reason I always choose to fly QR or One World as long as my schedule permits me… I am taking a chance on another free upgrade. But more than that, I am satisfied with the service and believe that I get value for my (or my company’s) money.

Thank you Qatar Airways / One World! Flying with you and getting pleasant surprises from time to time makes me want to spoil my itchy feet a little bit more frequently.

Until my next free upgrade! 🙂 Mwah!


How about you? Any free upgrades from your favorite carrier?


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