The Holy Land Pilgrimage: Day 5

It’s Christmas Day! Though disappointed for not being able to hear the Christmas Eve mass, everybody started the day in high spirits. We were hoping and was promised by our tour guide that we will be attending a Christmas Day mass. Our itinerary for today is in line with the occasion, Christmas. We will be exploring Bethlehem and… Continue reading The Holy Land Pilgrimage: Day 5

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My Christmas in the Holy Land

It’s a few hours before Christmas. Everybody was excited to be spending Christmas in the most significant place of all, Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Everybody was curious as to how Christmas is being spent in Holy Land and how similar or different it is from what we do in our own countries. We… Continue reading My Christmas in the Holy Land


Time For A Cool Change

Sometimes it is awakened by a dream, a discontent, a nightmare, or by a bad day when everything didn’t go right and you hated everything you are/have, or by a good day when you are inspired and you get a feeling that you can change the world. I’m talking about the call of change and heeding it. This… Continue reading Time For A Cool Change