Loyalty Does Have Its REWARDS

I am very excited. I got my new phone yesterday.


The best part? It didn’t cost me anything… Well, probably that’s not completely true. Because…

It cost me 3-4 years of loyalty to Roshan (I have been a Roshan customer since I came in Kabul 5+ years ago) and to my company (who provides us free credits 13 times a year) and my own talkative self (for buying my own credits for personal use).

Several years ago, I received a text message from my provider regarding their newly-launched rewards program. I registered my number.

Recently, I remembered to check my rewards points and was soooo glad to find out that I am already eligible to claim a smartphone! For 150,000 points (1 point = 1 Afs) which is about $3,000 worth of credits, I got a Huawei Ascend P6! sells this phone for $270-$290.


Getting 10% rebate for my communications expenses is not bad. I am contemplating whether to be practical and sell the phone or be sentimental and keep it as a token from Roshan. What do you think?


I have 12,902 points left after redeeming my P6 and at 15,000 points I will get a non-smartphone Samsung phone 🙂

Thank you, Roshan! Thank you, my company! Thank me for being such a talkative lass!

For more information on Roshan Connection Rewards program, please visit this link:

A person who deserves my loyalty receives it. 

~ Joyce Maynard


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