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Running my Way on a Friday Morning

Cool days are here! And it’s Friday! The only day in the week I am free to do something (or nothing) outside of the daily grind.

There are a lot of outdoor activities all over Doha (and Qatar) now, with winter season just around the corner. I have begun to be on a lookout of weekend activities that will interest me (and my budget).

So what (mis)adventures have I brought myself into yesterday?


I’m proud to say that I participated in a fun run sponsored by Nike, but which turned out to be a Run Club. Hehehe… It is a series of trainings/runs to develop you as a runner.

Me and a friend set off to Doha City Center early (the meeting point for the event) as we are supposed to be there at 8:04am. The mall was only partially opened at this time, and approaching the Nike shop, we were wondering why there was no crowd as we expected. There were a very few people inside the shop, who look like participants, based on their get-up. We felt a bit shy with our outfits, as we didn’t exactly look like we will be running. Hehe…

We were huddled up at exactly 8:04, were allowed to leave our stuff in the store, and provided free bottled water to take with us.

The plan: Run about 1.6km to corniche area, where demonstrations and drills will be given. We will also be given exercises based on our category.

So off we went…

I am not proud to say that I miserably failed the run to corniche as I brisked walked 90% of the time. Hahaha… However, I am proud of the determination I had, I was enjoying the activity.

We occupied an area by the corniche where we were shown drills to strengthen our legs.


This is how far from the group I was. They were already busy doing the drills when I arrived. Hahaha…



We were then broken into teams – Fastest, Faster, Fast. Of course I belong to the Fast, as there was no Slowest Team. Hehe… We were given exercises which varied per group.




I didn’t complete the whole 4 sets, as I only did 2. I was really tired and my friend also dropped out after the first set. Oh well, it was only our first time to undertake a physical activity after a long time, and I am not really an athletic person. Excuses, excuses.. Haha…

After the drills were completed by all groups, the group did the cooling down exercises. We didn’t participate anymore haha… Then it was supposed to be a run back to the Nike Shop. Of course, we just walked back, catching our breath and sweating our butts off.

A morning well spent. About 5-km of brisk-walking and running resulted to a few calories burnt (and will be added back shortly after hehe) and a different kind of high gained.

Thank you, Nike!!! We will try to join you again another time!

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