True Love’s Kiss

It just occurred to me but probably this has been written about long time ago. It may not be news to you, but certainly it is a new realization for me.

That Disney movies portraying princes and princesses finding true love through a lost shoe, or in a beast, or from waking up from a long, deep sleep by a kiss, kept me in that superficial “what you see is what you get” appreciation of these movies.

photocredits: http://www.fanpop.com

And children grow up having their own idea of their Prince Charming and how they’d know “he is the one”.

What do children know about romantic love after all?

I say a “true love’s kiss” isn’t necessarily limited to a romantic angle. It is for any relationship, be it for parents and children, siblings or friends.

A true love’s kiss isn’t exactly “a kiss” but a realization of that deep, true love. Remember when Princess Aurora fell into that deep sleep only to be awaken by a true love’s kiss? Deep sleep represents “existing”. When you find your purpose, when you find that inexhaustible will to love, when you rejoice more in giving that in receiving… That is living. That is true love. That moment you realize it, you have just been “kissed”.

Photocredits: db-naomi-san.deviantart.com

I believe that true love will definitely move you. It may make you do crazy, over-the-top things or brave actions, but for me true love isn’t passive.. It isn’t reactive as that true passion and devotion will not allow to be bottled up. True love will find its way to be manifested.

Was Maleficent right when she said “there is no such a thing as true love”? I pity her for she hadn’t experienced how it is to be “kissed”.

A parent doing everything to make sure his child is safe and happy and comfortable. A man and woman fighting the odds of time and distance and change. A friend going out of the way to be that friend to you. The kind of love that would break any curse.

It is one of the most rewarding things in the world. All natural. Organic. Free.

Be “kissed” and spread the love!


One thought on “True Love’s Kiss

  1. That was deeply hidden to a so many eyes but its veils or walls was sharply cut and yes the yearnings had finally led to this realization. Beautiful…..and as I was saying, there’s another kiss that is equally meaningful and totally earthshakingly powerful to initiate change, the willingness to understand and forgive the human weaknesses which are many, rampant, discouraging and hurting; obnoxiously intoxicating and worse can blind our nature which is love. But allowing this kiss to mean forgiveness will certainly initiate a change too for those yearning to be freed from the stigma of sins and ignorance or failures but most especially to those who are lost and could hardly see the light…These are the people paralyzed by weaknesses and fears and the hell of being so. Sometimes in their blindness no good intention is enough to allay their fears. But as you just found the realization came at a certain time…one step at a time but certainly it does come and so beautiful and very liberating.

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