Kazbegi’s Rooms Hotel: More than Just a Room

If you are ever going to be in Kazbegi, do yourself a favor and book a room in Rooms Hotel. It is arguably the best, if not one of the best hotels me and my friend have stayed in so far, and that includes the pricey and famous hotel chains.

Arriving early in the evening from Tbilisi, we were quickly swept off our feet as soon as we got off our car. It was a cabin-style hotel whose coziness can be noticed even outside the glass doors. My friend and I looked at each other, we knew we hit the jackpot here.

The hotel lobby is library-style with fancy wooden bookshelves and comfy seats. Further inside is a bar cum restaurant and outside is a big terrace ideal for sun-bathing and just lazing around.

It affords a very good view of the mountains, villages and of the green lawn of Rooms Hotel below. The air was crisp and still very cold even in summer. It reminded me of Baguio. The mist lends a mysterious somewhat eerie yet romantic ambiance to a romantically-ambianced hotel.

The corridor leading to the rooms smell so good that you feel more excited to get into your room. If only this photo can carry the scent.


Then it was heaven. The bed was so comfortable and again it was so cozy, that it would be very difficult to get up.

We went for late dinner and the meal was sumptuous. My friend and I agreed to share our orders.

We explored the facilities of the hotel and it led us to the basement where the health club is. It would have been tempting to wade by the pool but we weren’t prepared so we just took advantage of the sauna. There was also a gym which was empty at that time. Probably everyone was in the lobby chit-chatting or in bed, enjoying its comfort and warmth.


We woke up early the following morning with a plan to hike to Gergeti Trinity. It was sooooo foggy that it would have been impossible for us to go out. Staying in bed, waiting for the fog to clear, it was getting later in the morning. Now, I was torn between staying in bed or getting up for breakfast. I think breakfast would be worth a try. And my! I’m glad to have gotten out of bed.

They had a good spread, mix of continental and local dishes. And the food was all really delicious. We stayed long in the breakfast hall, sure. My best discovery is the local honey that came with the honeycomb.

What makes up a perfect stay? A perfect location. Check. Although Rooms Hotel is somewhere set off the city center, taxis can be arranged in the front desk. Good architecture and interior design. Another check. Sumptuous meals. Check. Health club facilities. Check. Though they didn’t offer massage service that time. Accommodating crew. Big check. Rooms Hotel staff surely knows how to please their guests.

It was just a night’s stay but waiting for the sky to clear before we go to Gergeti Trinity afforded us time to really appreciate our hotel. For the few times this happens as tourists are mostly out and about, I’m glad to have been “held up” in Rooms Hotel.

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is more than just a room for a night. It, in itself, is a destination.


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