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In Prague Christmas Market: Trdelnik

It’s almost that most wonderful time of the year again.

Three years ago, I was Christmas market-hopping in some of the most fantastic cities in Europe. Leaving Germany for Prague for 2 days, it was an absolute must to visit a Czech Christmas market to keep up with my holiday theme.

The closest to our pension house was Old Town. I was so excited to try Prague’s version of spit roast pork, which is lechon in my country. To my disappointment, the pork was nowhere near my expectation, made worse by the bitter cold that made the pork cold as soon as it was served.

We were hungry. And we were desperate to find food that will tame our appetite.

Walking around, this cute little shop bearing the name Trdelnik caught our attention. We went close and watched small pastry rings being cooked in poles.

Not knowing what to expect in a bite, we gave it a try. Oh my. It was divine. I liked it. Trdelnik, however way you read it. It was delicious that you really cannot pronounce it correctly after you took a bite. The hot pastry lends warmth from the ice-cold weather, perfect company for walking the markets.

Best enjoyed as soon as served and probably with gluhwein?


p.s. we researched on trdelnik and we learned that it is a traditional pastry in this part of Europe. it got its name from trdlo, the pole it was wrapped around.



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