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The Lucky Porky

Fell so in love with Firenze that you found out your holiday is not enough? You needed and wanted more time yet don’t have enough leave days left, or that budget is now tight…

Don’t be sad. Let me tell you a secret.

While walking and “window shopping” on the windowless shops of Mercato Nuovo, I came across this fountain with a sculpture of a boar. There was a fuss on this creature and wasn’t sure what it was about.


Armed with a handful of Italian words, someone told me to touch the boar’s snout. So I did, not knowing why. Later I would find out that this sculpture is a replica of a Roman statue which was also a replica of a Greek one.

Now the secret is… Legend has it (and there are several versions of it in the internet) that anyone who rubs the (now golden) snout of the boar, or Il Porcellino, will return to Florence.

Now that the secret is out… The first thing is to figure out how to get there first and make your way to this lucky pig (boar). I haven’t returned, so I have to wait and see…

If and when I do ever go back, I must remember to visit Mr. Porky and rub his snout again and again so I can visit Florence a few more times.

So Il Porcellino, till we meet again!




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