Seattle’s Chihuly Garden & Glass, Just Genius!

Big and famous city it is, but Seattle was just a pitstop in our long roadtrip from Spokane to Sequim. So quick that we just had a few hours in the evening to go around, while waiting for our host for the night to be home.

At the vicinity of the Space Needle alone, it is not difficult to lose track of time and use up our limited time. Of course, the iconic Space Needle was on our list. But it was not the Space Needle that captured our hearts.

It was an exhibit a short walk from it.

Chihuly Garden and Glass.


Just looking from the outside, there was something that enticed us to go in. I am not sure if my uncle knew what the exhibit was about, but…

It was amazing! This glass-blown pieces from Murano, but on a much larger scale.

Mr. Dale Chuhily is a genius and this museum is an art lover’s paradise! Highly recommended, especially for people with a limited time in Seattle.




And my favorite… The colorful glasshouse with a view of the Space Needle!



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