Kazbegi’s Tsminda Sameba: A View in the Clouds

If there was one thing my friend and I were excited about in our trip to Georgia, it was our stay in Rooms Hotel. And the reason why we were going to Kazbegi was to see the iconic Tsminda Sameba, also known as Gergeti Trinity Church.

We went in-between summer and autumn and we found out that the weather in Kazbegi was tricky at this time. Thinking that we would have time to roam around town with the only full day that we have, we were wrong. We spent the whole morning in the hotel, waiting for the skies to clear. My friend has been successful in convincing me to trek, but it wasn’t an option then with the foggy weather when we woke up.

It was already after lunch and we thought we would leave Kazbegi not seeing the main purpose of our visit. But, lo and behold, the sky cleared somewhat, and we hired a van to take us to the top instead.

Along the Way

From the hotel, we passed by the town and climbed up the mountain, passing by villages and the forest. I imagine it would have been a pleasant climb when the weather is permitting.

Tsminda Sameba

Just how special is this church?

As with most other (beautiful) churches in Georgia, Tsminda Sameba also known as Gergeti Trinity church, sits on top of a mountain by its lonesome. It affords a majestic view of Mt. Kazbek, and based on the photos I see on the internet, will give you a different experience each time.



When we went, it was still foggy but we felt the mystery of Gergeti Church. It would have been picturesque had we gone at a different time. But, we were there and we were bent on making the most time and taking the best photos we could.

It is said that in the olden days, precious relics from Mtskheta were hidden here for protection. During the Soviet time, religious services were prohibited, unlike now, where the church is an active Georgian Orthodox site.

We wanted to see the view that we see in pictures in the internet. We prayed for the blue sky, white clouds and a fantastic play of sunlight into Mount Kazbegi.

Then, this… It was so fleeting but the view was so heavenly. All of us waiting stopped to appreciate this “apparition”. It was fleeting, and only for a few seconds. Then it was gone…

The sky turned gray again, and the clouds started to come down to our level. We waited some more for another magnificent display, but that was all we got.

Worth it? Sure did!

When you plan to come, check for when you can trek and have a good view. Otherwise, whenever, let Tsminda Sameba surprise you.


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