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Seafood Dinner at Choices Restaurant

Yesterday, we were supposed to watch the Christmas Tree lighting in Melia’ Hotel as advertised in several Festive Season events websites. I was so excited as I missed the one in Grand Hyatt Hotel last week and I really need something to divert my thoughts to something positive.

Bloopers of all bloopers!!! We arrived at the hotel seeing the Christmas Tree from the outside already lit. We asked the hotel crew at the parking and they were not aware of such event. I went inside and asked two different hotel desks and was entertained by 3 different people, and was told there was no Christmas Tree lighting event.

Bent to save the day, and my commute from the far, far away land where I live, we visited St. Regis Hotel to marvel at their Christmas décor in the lobby. We decided to have dinner but prices in their restaurants are a bit high, so we looked for other restaurants that piqued our interest.

Calls were made… Until we have finally decided to head to Oryx Rotana for their Seafood Night Buffet.

Oryx Rotana Hotel

It was my first time to be in Oryx Rotana Hotel, the site of Choices Restaurant where we were having dinner. In the middle of the lobby was a lady playing catchy tunes in the grand piano.

At the corner by the stairs leading to the restaurant was the Christmas tree.


I felt excited…

Choices, Choices, Choices…

Luckily, though we had no reservations, we were accommodated by the restaurant. We arrived a little past 7 when dinner has just started and there were already quite a number of diners. We were led to our seat, which unfortunately was by the door leading to the balcony, and so it was cold when the doors would open, which was every now and then.



There is no other name suitable for their restaurant than what it is called now, Choices. The place was literally a sea of food, and it was difficult to decide where to start.

There is the usual bread section, soup,  salad bar, cocktails, grill station, maki/sushi bar, fresh oyster bar and a pasta cooking station at the balcony.

Of course, not to be missed is the dessert bar which has a wide variety of desserts, adding to that the crepe and fondue station.

I enjoyed my meal. More than I planned actually, I was so full. Soooo full I couldn’t remember the last time I had been this full. Everything I had was delicious, and I was really, really happy with all my choices. My friends were also full, just as I was and we all agreed that the price was worth it.

Service was impeccable as waiters would come frequently to our table to collect used plates. I need to say this, as after about an hour later, the place was almost full yet the place seems to be ran well. Food on display was timely replenished. The display areas were being regularly wiped and cleaned.

These were my plates… But because I was enjoying the food so much, I forgot to take photos of the rest.

Choices is THE choice for seafood buffet dining. For the spread that night, and for its price, we didn’t go wrong with our choice. One well spent Thursday night 🙂



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