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Christmas 2014: Souk Madinat Jumeirah’s Souk Festive Market

During Christmas time, Dubai prides of its ability to transform itself into a Winter Wonderland. Almost having a Western ambiance, minus the biting cold of snow.

One such place that I really wanted to visit last year was Madinat Jumeirah’s Festive Market. Its promotional ads paint the feel of being in one of Europe’s Christmas markets, and feeling nostalgic about my Christmas market-hopping in 2012, I was bent to find out how Dubai’d do it.


The Festive Market targets families for its crowd, making sure to have many activities for children to enjoy. An inflatable giant slide, a trampoline and a mini skating rink were available. Stilt walkers were roaming around and make a good company for a selfie 🙂

Gingerbread-making classes, a North Pole train, and an ice area where children can enjoy snow, making snowman and having snow fun!

For adults, there is an area for shopping, which was quite small, though when you fancy shopping Madinat Jumeirah is just upstairs! Of course, there’s a food court, where yes, I was happy to see Gluhwein! If only for this drink that brought me back to memory bliss in Nuremberg.

If not for the Arabic backdrop that is Madinat Jumeirah, one can almost forget, if only for a bit, that they are in UAE. No, the Festive Market is not even close to the smallest/simplest European Christmas market I’ve been to, but Madinat Jumeirah had done an awesome job transforming an area to feel and celebrate Christmas, western-style, in this region.

Kids would certainly enjoy this place but even the kids at heart like me, would certainly ignite that Christmas nostalgia in their hearts.


As of this time, Madinat Jumeirah holds its Festive Market 2015. Why not drop by?


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