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Frankfurt Christmas Market

My European Christmas trip in 2012 had several highlights. Among them was the Christmas Eve mass with then Pope Benedict in Vatican and Christmas market-hopping in each European city I visited.

Germany tops everybody’s list when it comes to Christmas markets. I made sure to go to several, 4 to be exact, to find out if this statement is indeed correct, and how each German market is different from each other.

It was my first day in Europe and the weather wasn’t too friendly when I arrived. My friend told me that snow started to fall just that day. And a heavy one at that. However, that didn’t stop us from ticking my first “bucket list” in this trip.

My first Christmas market experience ever. In Frankfurt.

My friend’s husband drove us to Frankfurt Christmas market, said to be one of the oldest in Germany. With an uncooperative weather that day (night), I didn’t take particular notice to admire the backdrop which is the Romerberg market and St. Paul’s Church. I was also quite shy with my friend’s husband, meeting him for the first time.

But, hey! It was my first Christmas market experience. And it was everything I imagined it to be. Yes, with the cooooold weather, food, loooottttsss of it of different kinds… Friend’s hubby treated me to my first bratswurst 🙂 Oh, how I’d like to try all the food that I saw. But I remembered I had to be shy. Hehe…

There was a kiddie section, with play area including this carousel. I again wonder now, if we weren’t with friend’s hubby, if I have coerced my friend to ride it.


Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas anywhere without a Christmas tree, a towering one for Frankfurt.


I may not have my first Christmas market experience the way I thought I would have, because of the weather, and being a shy visitor, and due to the fact that we couldn’t stay long as we were travelling to Nuremberg in the morning, it was more than enough introduction. I was actually looking forward to the other markets and how we would enjoy each one.

The most special thing that night? My first ever gluhwein! And my first Christmas market mug in the collection I just started 🙂


Merry Christmas!


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