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Doha Marriott’s Christmas Tree Lighting 2015

Finally the Christmas bug has bit me. The past few days I have been inspired to write about my past Christmases. Probably it helps that I am in a much better mood now,  and that I was busy recently with the festive events here.

Anyway, after that disappointing booboo in Melia’ Hotel last Friday, we had another Christmas tree lighting to watch in Doha Marriott. Just to be sure, my friend called Doha Marriott to confirm the event. Per my friend’s advise on their Grand Hyatt lighting experience, we went earlier than the scheduled 7:30pm so that we can better enjoy the activities and soak in the Christmas atmosphere.

We came a bit too early I guess, so we spent some time at the lobby.

What I liked?

The event was somehow organized, as the area was enclosed. At the entrance is the free drinks section. I loved the hot chocolate and the marshmallows that came perfectly with the cold outdoor breeze. Sweet treats were served from time to time and we were on the lookout for what new sweets would be passed around. They were all yummy.

I loved the carols and the carolers too who were all-out in their performance. It was nice to see that the kids were active and would join the carolers in front.

I have to mention that Doha Marriott was prompt on the 7:30pm schedule. The tree was lit at this time.


What can be improved?

Doha Marriott may think about making a bigger space for the audience next year. When all would gather in front of the carolers and the tree, the space wasn’t enough. Needless to say that during the highlight, when the Christmas tree was supposed to be lit, and we were counting 3, 2, 1… The tree did not light!!! And we had to count again, which was somehow anti-climactic.

I would also call their tree The Reluctant Tree, as even when it was lit, it wasn’t bright and lacked the oomph! I was expecting from Doha Marriott. The tree didn’t stand out and it didn’t look festive and gay at all. The ambiance didn’t help either, as that area was not really well lit.

Santa Claus made his appearance afterwards, giving away treats for children, and childen and adults alike rushed to him. I don’t know if that was the entrance/presentation that Doha Marriott expected him to have. I couldn’t wait until all the treats were gone, so I carried my goddaughter and joined the crowd gathered around Santa to get my goddaughter her “present”.

Despite some glitches, did I enjoy? I absolutely did! I know, the children did as well, as I can see my goddaughter really enjoying her night. If that can be made the only basis for Marriott’s event’s success, then indeed it was!

Admittedly, after this night, I became a sucker for Christmas tree lightings, and I wanted to go to Sharq Village’s lighting the next day. Will I make it?

How about you? What were your activities this Christmas?

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