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Sharq Village’s Christmas Tree Lighting

It was a back-to-back Christmas tree lighting event for me. Doha Marriott’s on December 18, and Sharq Village’s the following day. My friend and I arrived early. We were one of the early birds and so we had the opportunity to capture photos in every nook, of every angle 🙂

I have long been wanting to go inside this hotel, and I was glad to know it really was beautiful inside. I liked its Arabian villa-type layout and architecture.

What I immediately noticed is the contrast of Sharq’s tree (and its location) to Marriott’s. Sharq’s was imposing in the lobby, and so the location was bright and noticeable. Marriott’s was outdoor and to be honest, it was dark I didn’t even notice it. Sharq’s tree looks more Christmassy and happy.


As I said, we came early and we were able to witness the hotel crew preparing the Christmas bites for the event. The food set-up was, again, colorful, bright and Christmassy. In the middle is a huge “gingerbread-house” and there were lots of different drinks and food prepared. I was excited about the non-alcoholic gluhwein! And the preparations were even made more sunny by the merry crew donning their Santa hats.

Sharq Village served their Christmas bites buffet-style and oh my, it was really a feast! It was like a mini-Christmas party of different folks and everybody just enjoyed what was on the spread.

Clearly though, this is an event for the kids. They are too cute in their colorful costumes and the playful and merry vibe was contagious.

Christmas carols then filled the air… And they are as much a delight to hear as the nibbles on my mouth 🙂


Then the lights went out… 3, 2, 1…


It’s Merry Christmas from the Sharq Village!!!

Next Christmas, if I am still here, I will be on the lookout and will do my best to go to all Christmas tree lighting events. While Christmas in this part of the world is never as fun as back home, these attractions and the people behind it deserve kudos!

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