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Yerevan’s Christmas Market

My trip to Armenia has been planned and executed in a spur of the moment. With little time left to plan and being a low season for tourists, I hurriedly checked the internet for things to do and sights to see in winter and during the Christmas season.

Voila! Yerevan has been hosting its Christmas Market since 2012. For a moment I was swept back to 2012, when I was Christmas Market hopping in Western Europe. This is a must in my itinerary.


Little did I know that my hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the Christmas Market which is at the Northern Avenue, a pedestrian-only road, and closer to Tumanyan Street. I passed by it unknowingly on my 1st night in Armenia,  taking a long walk to my hotel after a hearty dinner. It  was late though and the markets were closed.

I returned the following night and while the market is very small compared to Germany’s, it was quite a happening place among Yerevanians.

Guests are welcomed by a chocolatey Christmas tree courtesy of Ferrero Rocher.



Various shops selling mostly Christmas items and souvenirs line the street.

Christmas-themed background for photo ops are for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

And what would Christmas markets be without food stalls for hungry visitors to enjoy? What I had? This yummy dessert that reminded me of Trdelnik in Prague. It tastes like rolled crepe but is crunchy and has a filling. Let me find out the name.


And what is my Christmas market experience without…


Gluhwein!!! Yes, they have it here too. Unfortunately, it isn’t served with a commemorative mug like in Germany. Genatzt!


3 thoughts on “Yerevan’s Christmas Market

    1. Yes, Armenia is beautiful even in winter. And… What makes it more special for me is that I feel safe here, especially since I am travelling alone. And the people, they are warm and accommodating. Picked the right place to travel alone 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That sounds lovely indeed! Safety is a real issue while traveling solo. I definitely have to visit Armenida sometime soon, too! 🙂


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