Film City: One of Qatar’s Best-kept Zekreet

Taking advantage of the still-comfortable weather here in Qatar, while the summer heat seems to be delayed in its arrival (compared last year), we spent one Friday afternoon to head to western Qatar and discover the secrets in the middle of the desert – Zekreet.

Zekreet boasts of a number of secrets waiting to be discovered and we decided to visit just the Film City.

It was a scenic drive to the middle of the desert, quite a challenge and an adventure I should say. There were no signposts pointing to our destination, and we were like Bedouins of the olden times navigating our way to our destination.

We were welcomed at the mouth of the desert by this rock formation, the icon of the area. My Geotechnical Engineer friend told us this is called an “outcrop” in geological parlance.


The way to the middle of the desert was bumpy of course, but we were entertained by the landscape that marveled us as we travelled this wide expanse. A lot more “outcrops”, left and right! We stopped for a photo ops somewhere, but the photos couldn’t do the view justice. It was not like any desert I have been to, including Sahara and UAE.

And here we are!!! Film City  is an isolated Arabic village which is believed to be the set of a Hollywood movie. Others say it was built for promotional campaign for the 2022 World Cup. Whatever its purpose was, I think it was worth the time and effort going there.

It wasn’t too crowded when we went for a visit which afforded us many opportunities to take photos and enjoy the view, the heat of the sun, which was diluted by the fresh, cool wind. It reminds me somehow of Ait-Benhaddou in Morocco.

This was a view from one of the terraces. The desert is endless, and I am just a speck of its sand.


Not wanting to travel in the dark, we set back off before sunset. My friend caught a glimpse of these four gigantic steel sculpture by the renowned Richard Serra, it is called East-west/West-east. So we went up close to take a look.

Who would have known we will be stumbling upon the work of one of the world’s greatest living sculptor?

And again, be reminded that we are but a millimeter in this big, big, wide world.


One of the best destinations in Qatar, an afternoon well-spent. There are a few other sights in Zekreet to see. Hope to get to visit them all someday soon.

What are you waiting for? Hop on your 4×4 and do this roadtrip before the summer heat is on!

Be reminded to stock on food/snacks and water as there is no place to buy after you leave the Dukhan highway 🙂



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