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Scenic Drive at Georgian Military Highway

Sometimes we regret listening to travel advices we find online. Most times we don’t. Our research for our Georgian escapade was executed according to what we decided best based on what we read. A common denominator of most, if not all, blogs and articles we read is that, Georgian Military Highway is awesome and not to be missed.

My friend and I were glad to have taken this precious advice.

It was a 3+ hour journey in a car, with a few stops along the way, from Tbilisi to Kazbegi. As soon as we left the city premises, the scenic drive with a capital S starts…

Come along as I relive that trip. The most beautiful photos I have of Georgia were taken along this stretch. If you ever go, again, this scenic route is not to be missed.

The Ananuri Fortress

Zhinvali Reservoir

Soviet-Georgian Friendship Memorial and a view of the surroundings

I think the best photos I took were taken along this area 🙂 They’re my favorites, too!

Mineral Water Spring along the way

Near Kazbegi, while our Cherokee was raging fast, we cant keep clicking our cameras to capture more shots. 

For sure my photos do not do this place justice. But just take my word for it. Go and experience nature in its finest!


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