Rushin’ Russia

No other word to aptly describe this trip but RUSH. Everything from identifying the Eid holiday destination, which started as Bosnia, to Slovenia, to Macedonia, to Bahrain, to Egypt, to Lebanon… Then just 3 weeks prior to Eid, somebody suggested Russia.

Russia has been on my radar more than a decade ago. Forgotten, or probably shoved somewhere down on my travel list, as the mere mention of Russia evokes a sense of intimidation, mystery and challenge.

But how could it not make more sense now? I am within 5-hours flight time and with FlyDubai, a budget airline based in Dubai (of course), it couldn’t get any better than this.

So Russia it is.

We rushed checking the visa requirements, checking airfares, possible accommodations, calculating budget. Repeat. Surprisingly, though we were taking the trip during the Eid holiday when airfares are exorbitant, airfare to Moscow was comparatively cheap.

So Russia it is.


Applying for a visa was a bit intimidating due to the requirement of travel voucher which we didn’t know how to obtain. Fortunately, through thorough research, we were able to find a Moscow-based company who did it for us, cheaper than online agencies.

We submitted our visa application about 2 weeks prior to the trip. When everything was booked, and with a bit of doubt whether we will get a visa. In’shallah.

Rushin’ Russia. We got our visas 2 days before our trip. Our bags were packed, we were ready to rush Russia, conquer Moscow and St. Petersburg in 4 whole days and 2 half days to be exact.

Yes, we were that mad to allot 5 days to the biggest country in the world.

Find out how it went in my succeeding posts 🙂


How about you? Where did you spend your Eid holiday?


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