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Tsiskvili, Georgian Folk Restaurant

No better way to have our final dinner in Georgia than in Tsiskvili. With the constant prodding of my friend who really wanted to watch Georgian folk songs and dances, I didn’t have a choice but to say “yes”. The restaurant was recommended by our hostel crew, who forewarned us that it is a little pricey and we “have to” dress up.

As soon as we stepped out of the taxi, I knew we were in for a good night. Romantic ambiance is in the air, really not fit with the company I have 🙂 But we came here for a taste of traditional Georgian entertainment, so we shall see.

The compound has several restaurant themes, depending on your purpose of coming over. We wanted to enjoy traditional dances of Sanadimo Hall in Ethno-Tsiskvili. We were led to a tram to the restaurant, a unique experience which made this restaurant more lovely. Ethno-Tsiskvili was decorated, of course, as if in a traditional Georgian setting.

We were seated at a good table, on the left hand side of the stage, where we don’t have to make huge efforts to watch the show. The servers were attentive that it seemed as if we were in a 5-star hotel restaurant.

We also had good choice of dishes for dinner. The roast pork (mtsvadi!!!, again) was unsurprisingly a winner.

But the cream on top of the ice cream was the show. There were various performances, and each one seems to be better than the previous. We cant decide, but the violinist and accordionist were my faves. The folk band also had a good harmony, though we cant of course understand the lyrics of their songs.

But what about the traditional dances? Yes, there were, a lot. Georgian traditional dances tell a story, and I think most of the performances were love stories. The lead dancers perform back-to-back almost, and they do not seem to tire. Another plus point, the performers, singers, dancers and musicians all look good which makes them more pleasant to watch. The vibe was contagious, that at some point, some pairs from the audience stood and danced in the stage as the musicians play. Did I mention romantic earlier?

Though the price for dinner was a bit expensive, I feel it was justified with the well thought of ambiance, the sumptuous dinner, amazing crew and A-class performances by the group. And no, the Tsiskvili is not only popular for tourists as there were some locals who are up for a good night.

As I was skimming for photos of the dances I took, I realized I had none as they were taken as videos. Just seeing photos of the performances are no good. Book a table and experience dinner the Tsiskvili way. Two thumbs up!


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